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Indian Industry In 19th Century

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The Vijaynagar kingdom (after the sacking in 1565, and the rump rulers)was the center of trade for India’s main exports – spices (from the South India and SE Asian archipelago), Wootz steel from the Deccan plateau, Shipbuilding (the British Navy was one of its major customers) was a major industry. Precision cutting tools was another area of expertise – remember that diamonds were an Indian monopoly till the mid-18th century.a multitude of silk centers from the Deccan and Southern coastal towns were the major exports.

India’s biggest import was gold.

3 significant sectors which contributed to this boom. Apart from significant agrarian output – spices, timber, Indigo, etc. Indian industrial output was a major item in our goods basket – fabric, gems and jewellery and metals. India was a technology leader in these
industrial sectors.

But at the end of the 19th century, Colonial India was de-urbanising. Populations in Indian agrarian network was increasing. Agricultural taxes were high. Hence, food production declined. Famines had become a regular feature. Industrial production was a distant memory. The cause – The rise of the West by use of slavery and the loot of gold. In America and Africa. Red Indians were wiped out. Australian aborigines have become tourist attractions. Blacks were enslaved. Rivers of Blood and fields of dead.

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