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Who Is Funding The American Wars

The US led occupation of Iraq and plans for a long term military presence in the country is expected to cost the US more than a trillion dollars. In addition to the US$600 billion spent in the war up until 2007 President George W Bush requested a further US$196 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008. While the Democratic controlled Congress has begun to restrict spending on the war, commentators suggest by 2008 Iraq war costs will exceed the Korean War and approach the full cost of the Vietnam War. (From Economic Consequences of the War and Occupation of Iraq – Security Council – Global Policy Forum).

The Americans are not paying their home mortgage bills. They are likely to default on their credit card payments. Their financial institutions have wiped out billions in direct debt. And who will pay the bills!

The Chinese and the Japanese are competing with each other for the privilege of paying these bills. India and Russia are also in line. Brazil and ASEAN follow closely behind.

But who is funding these American wars against Iraq and Afghanistan?


Dont tell me it is the same suckers – China, Japan, Russia, India and Brazil!

The logic of American wars
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