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US House approves India nuclear deal – But Delays US$700 bn Bailout

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The House of Representatives has passed a civilian nuclear pact with India that lifts a three decade-old ban on civilian nuclear trade with India.

The agreement, passed by a 298-117 vote, will now head to the Senate for its vote, but it was unclear if it would be passed before Congress adjourns ahead of the November 4 elections. (AFP: US House approves historic India nuclear deal).

In the middle of the US Dollar crisis, the US legislative body found time to pass this bill – where there is apparently no significant US interest!

How very remarkable!

On the other hand, the more important deal, the US$ 700 billion bailout has been delayed

despite some tongue-in-cheek overacting by Henry Paulson, as the Treasury Secretary dropped on one knee before Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, imploring her not to “blow up” the deal by withdrawing Democratic support.

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  1. London Gigs
    September 28, 2008 at 10:42 am

    This deal a kick ass deal, kicking India’s ass. Now USA will send nulcear inspectors to Indian reactors. A bad deal at all costs.

  2. September 28, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Of course, you mean nuclear – and not nulcear.

    Secondly, regarding the ‘kick ass’ deal – is that your opinion, judgement or envy?

    Thirdly, civilian nuclear reactors are covered by inspections. How is that so bad? I am unclear!

    Regarding, military reactors. These are not subjects to any inspection! So, that remains out of bounds for international inspection and snooping! Which takes care of Indian security concerns!

    I am completely unclear about your motivations – and your logic!

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