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37 arrested in raid on ‘rave party’ in Pushkar

At the rave party, foreigners were inebriated and allegedly found in compromising positions. Out of 25 foreigners, 15 were women. They were from Israel, Britain, America, Sweden, Australia, Germany and Spain, a source said.

37 arrested in raid on ‘rave party’ in Pushkar-India-The Times of India.

The interesting thing is the number of Israelis in India who can be found at Goa, Manali, Pushkar etc. Last year, at Manali more than 100,00 tourists, nearly 5% of India;s tourist inflow came to Manali.

At Manali,

The writing on the wall of the Old Manali village in the panoramic Kullu valley is clearly Hebrew. Israelis flocking to the valley in large numbers each year has turned this once-sleepy village into a thriving Jewish enclave. Better known for its cool climes and snow-capped peaks, over the past one-and-a-half decades the overcrowded-yet-quaint cafes along the Beas river have steadily emerged as the new paradise to which thousands of Jews annually migrate for an uninterrupted treat of drugs, rock ‘n roll and nirvana.

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