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PM faces EU ire over ‘massacre’ of Christians

The European Union on Monday ticked off Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his government’s failure to prevent what it called a “massacre” of Christians in Orissa and Karnataka. This strongly-worded description of the violence in Kandhamal and the Bajrang Dal’s destruction of churches in Karnataka came during the India-EU summit here.

The issue was taken up strongly with Singh by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is also the head of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.(PM faces EU ire over ‘massacre’ of Christians-Europe-World-The Times of India).

Europe And Minorities

Mr.Sarkozy, recently, in the EU, Roma Gypsies, who are EU citizens, were profiled and expelled from Italy because of 1 incident (yes, one) where a White was murdered – allegedly by a Roma Gypsy. I speak for them, because, as you know, they are of Indian descent.

When you speak only for “Indian-Christians’ you reveal your own prejudices, Mr.Sarkozy. After all, by the same logic, you could have spoken for Indian Muslims too!

It is an (unfounded) fear and allegation that the Indian-Christians that you speak for, are unduly influenced by Western Christian missionaries – which you are strengthening.

This is actually a reaction to Indian law, as the majority Hindu population is disallowed from running their own religious affairs – ostensibly, to create a level playing field. Probably, Mr.Sarkozy, we will listen to you once, you allow a ‘minority’ of 2.5 crores to follow religions controlled from foreign shores – and don’t discriminate against them!

For a start, will you start with some Muslim North Africans, Mr.Sarkozy!

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