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The Source Of Terror funds

It was later revealed that these drafts were issued by an ISI-controlled business firm in the Middle East and were meant for some wholesalers in Delhi and Mumbai. These wholesalers used to supply goods worth the amount received through draft to retailers in the Valley. Once the goods were sold by the retailers, the sales proceeds were passed on to terror groups.(Terror funds: Another Azamgarh connection?-India-The Times of India).

Oil Dollar Tango

The US has created ‘despotic’ regimes across the Arabic peninsula, whose main source of income is oil – prices of which are propped up at a high level to benefit each other. The West gets petro dollars – and The OPEC gets good prices.

Of course, there is the inconvenient reality of the poor of the world, who pay this price of Western and OPEC prosperity.

The high prices are finally paid for the poor of the world – and the fallout of the despotic regimes is spread over the entire Islamic world.

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