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CIA ‘backed’ Irish battle against EU

The European parliament wants an inquiry into whether Declan Ganley, the multi-millionaire chairman of the Libertas group that campaigned against the treaty, could be in the pockets of US defence and intelligence services.

The calls have been led by Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the firebrand 1968 student leader turned Green MEP, who pointed to Irish press reports that “revealed there possibly exists a link between the financiers of the no campaign in Ireland and the Pentagon as well as the CIA. (CIA ‘backed’ Irish battle against Brussels treaty – Times Online).

Why Would The USA Do That

The US has been meddling in affirs of the EU – and there has been outrage and concern about this “CIA operation” in the EU. Of course it begs the question, as to how does European unity affect the USA?

The Euro is the closest to shaking the European hegemony. Iran has been invoicing oil sales in the Euro for the last few years. With the new found wobbles in the dollar bloc, the US needs to undermine Euro strength.

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