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Gold cover for Tirumala

Initially, the works would be taken up at a cost of Rs 100 crore. Sources told ‘TOI’ that a Bangalore-based contractor along with TTD craftsmen would take up the work, for which gold in excess of 600 kg would be used. Now, only the gopuram of the main temple is covered in gold. Under the Swarnamayam project, even the walls and other structures would shimmer in gold. Sources said the entire project would be costing around Rs 600-1,000 crore. (Gold cover for Tirumala-Hyderabad-Cities-The Times of India).

Spend Your Money On Learning

Please stops flaunting your ‘earnings’ like this – instead, there are more than 200,000 lakh Indian manuscripts in libraries worldwide. These manuscripts require to be photographed, translated and analysed. Most have not even been catalogued. If the authenticity and decoding of the The Vymanika Shastra, is finished, that alone will be worth hundreds of crores.

They are lying at the British Library, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Asiatic Library and many others. This represents the greatest surviving treasure of ancient learning in the world. A lot of these texts were written by your predecessors.

India’s Decline

India’s decline started with building of grand, impressive temples from around 10th century. These impressive structures are more representative of slave societies, my dear priests – not free societies like ours.

Remember, the last time that the Pandavas built Indraprastha, all that it did was create hubris – and we know what happened to them after that. 13 years in exile, bad blood and war! I am sure the Good Lord Venkateshwara does not need a gilded temple! He would be a lot more happier, if you learned Brahmins were to save some of the learning and books of your predecessors.

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  1. Galeo Rhinus
    October 3, 2008 at 4:20 am

    The raft is not a shore – but simply a path to the shore.

    If I point my finger to the moon – and you mistake it for the moon – whose fault is it?

    Sometimes the shortest path is not necessarily the fastest path… and then sometimes the fastest path is not necessarily the most illuminating.

    Keep your eyes on the moon, paddle along, avoiding the rocks if you can and you will find the shore.

    The point?

    It is rather paternalistic, if not condescending of you to tell a temple organization on how to use their resources.

    I am not disagreeing with you about the need to research these manuscripts – but I see no linkage in the two.

    While Indian politicians need the kind of advise you are offering, the people and the temples where they give their money, IMO, are not fair game. Indians need to walk the path have chosen on their own.

    You can offer to point to the moon and the raft, but only you would suffer if they don’t heed your advice.

    Take’s Buddha’s advice -and reduce your suffering.

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