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Indian Idiom, Indian Thinking

Discerning readers and enthusiasts would notice the absence here of many items that have dominated most proposals for political reform: presidential system, proportional representation, two-party system, reduction in

the number of political parties, negative vote, right to recall, law banning this or that kind of politics.

The silence is not accidental. We need to move away from a pathological suspicion of politics and politicians, preoccupation with institutions of high politics, an obsession with legal-constitutional remedies and a desire to replicate best practices from around the world that mark much of the proposals for political reform.

Before we set out to reform politics, we must be prepared to reform our ways of thinking about politics. (via Saptapadi for political Reforms- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times).

An interesting article on Indian ‘educated’ attitudes about politics, politicians and the Indian nation. The most encouraging aspect of this article was the ‘vernacular’ idiom of the thinking.

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