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Powered by waste

Powered by waste

India has been hesitant to explore the potential of animal and human wastes to provide energy for direct heating or for generating power. Although gobar gas from cattle dung had been strongly promoted in India’s rural areas with big subsidies, it was not a great success mainly because Indian workers were unwilling to properly maintain these plants.

…India, with one-seventh of the world’s population, could therefore generate over 12,000 MW or add almost 12 per cent to its sluggish power generation capacity. Further, as the technology is quite simple and cheap much of this potential can be made available in a very short time.

Awesome numbers!

India can use sewage for generating electricity, upto 10% of our requirements. This will also reduce our fertliser consumption significantly, improving soil quality, and reduce oil dependence.

Add in the wind-power design that NAL has worked on, and India could soon have a different energy profile.

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