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Expand G7 to beat global turmoil: World Bank

Expand G7 to beat global turmoil: World Bank- Hindustan Times.

Zoellick said the Group of Seven (G7) industrial nations should be expanded to include the top 14 global economies to tackle development issues as well as the financial turmoil plaguing richer nations.

“The G7 is not working,” Zoellick said in Washington. “We need a better group for a different time.”

Two Invitation In 2 Weeks

It was Sarkozy the other day. Now it is the World Bank Chief.

Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. And I will tell you why!

What is on the table

4 out of these G-7 countries are bankrupt. US, Britain, Canada and Australia (not in G7) are bankrupt. Their industrial base is supported entirely by raw materials that they have acquired by genocide – and the loot of centuries.

France, Germany and Italy are tethering on the brink – under the weight of their social security system. A geriatric Japan is dependent almost entirely on these declining seven. Japan’s investment in India and China has been negligible.

What Do We Bring To The Table

India, China and South Africa on the other hand, bring growing economies, young populations, lower welfare state burdens, expanding industrial base – and above all, a record of non-aggressive history.

These dubious clubs depend on victims to approve and finance their own slaughter – and these memberships don’t appeal to India.

G7, you are welcome to join us at our terms. We dont want to be a part of your ‘blood soaked history.’


The 2ndlook model for a Third currency Bloc is ready. Join in to review, participate, critique and develop the First Cut. While the need for a new global reserve currency has been evident, there is very little in the public sphere. The speed of events has clearly caught the BRICS and Third World napping – and unprepared. But, not 2ndlook – who, from the very beginning, proposed that the world should stop clinging to the Dollar-Euro skirts.

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