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Another Dynamite From Nobel – Buffet, Krugman, Obama and Gold

Importance of being Krugman

The prize committee cited Krugman’s work on trade theories and also mentioned his role as an opinion maker. For the world at large, however, it is the latter role that distinguishes him from most of his fellow laureates of late. (bold letters mine).

Many Think .. That There Are Many More Qualified …

Paul Krugman has been (allegedly) anti-Obama – and advising Obama to pay heed to Roosevelt’s policies. Now, we all know what Roosevelt’s (most significant) economic policy was – nationalization of American gold stocks.

Was Krugman’s Nobel Prize award to help him to increase his ‘opinion making’ powers? Was the Nobel prize fixed to meet American /Western short term requirements?

Was the Nobel prize given to the Paul Krugman to make his position strong – as a part of the Obama Dream Team – or as ballast against an ‘adventurous’ Obama who may not toe the line? Will Krugman join Warren Buffet in rescuing the Western economic system?

Will they nationalize gold again – and instead promote silver? Is a new version of the bi-metallic standard coming?


The 2ndlook model for a Third currency Bloc is ready. Join in to review, participate, critique and develop the First Cut. While the need for a new global reserve currency has been evident, there is very little in the public sphere. The speed of events has clearly caught the BRICS and Third World napping – and unprepared. But, not 2ndlook – who, from the very beginning, proposed that the world should stop clinging to the Dollar-Euro skirts.


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