Not a revolutionary account

Not a revolutionary account

Ghadar Party’s limited success lay in its ability to have fired the imagination of a group of young Indians in far-away America with ideas of an armed revolution that they believed would eventually free their motherland from British rule. That, of course, did not win independence for India. But there is a growing belief that Ghadar Party and its ideas did influence the course of India’s independence struggle in ways that deserve closer scrutiny and assessment in a proper historical context.

Perplexed … Angry … Disappointed!

This book (reviewed above) is a demonstration of how Indian Universities are letting us down. Parag Tope’s forth coming book, Operation Red Lotus, on the life and wars of Tatiya Tope; another non-specialist book on  Chhatrapati Shri Sambhaji Maharaj by Anant Darwatkar, are all non-specialists, trying to do the job that a specialist should have done a long time ago.

Indian academicians and historians – especially in higher education, in non-technology, non -science related fields are big let down.

Why are academicians (paid for doing this research) not doing this research? Why are non-specialists doing this job? My dissatisfaction is not a reflection on the non-specialists – but on the specialists.

Indian school texts have seen some basic spit-and-polish’ on the colonial text and syllabus. Of course, the dominance of English language in higher education must take a major blame for this.

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