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Kenya set to get truth commission

BBC NEWS | Africa | Kenya set to get truth commission

Kenya’s parliament has approved a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) to probe human rights abuses since independence in 1963.

The Break From Hammurabic Laws

In the last 500 years, Hammurabic legal systems (based on retribution) used by the ‘Desert Bloc’ (Judaic, Christian and Islamic societies) has gained precedence in the world – delivering an eye-for-an-eye justice. The result, the US with the world’s largest prison population.

The Lipit Ishtar-Hittite-Chanakya-Indic systems (LHCI) legal systems based on compensation and avoidance have lost following. Nelson Mandela’s Truth and Reconcilaition Commission (as opposed to Nuremberg trials) was a significant step in regaining lost ground by the LHCI legal system.

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