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Pope suspends and summons Indian Bishop

A newspaper reports that

Pope Benedict XVI has suspended a Kerala bishop for adopting an unmarried woman in violation of canon law and ordered a three-member panel to probe all the charges against him.

The Vatican is a Nation

How welcome would fatwas from the holy mosques of Middle East be in Europe, Your Holiness?

The Indian Government allows a foreign Government (Vatican is a country), to interfere in the religious matters of Indians? What gives the Holy See the right to impose their will on Indian Christians? Would the Indian Government accept if the Grand Mufti were to issue fatwas to Indian Muslims …! Would the EU accept that …if the Grand Mufti of the Al Ahram mosque did that to 10 million Muslims in Europe? His Holiness would see crimson …

One blog reader did a Quicktake and commented …

If an American Muslim adopted someone according to his choice following American law. Does a mullah in Saudi Arabia have the authority (moral or legal) to restrict it?

Could he? Should he?

Why the naivete? Why a double standard for India? Simply because Indic ideals do not force dogma on others does that mean that Indians (Christian or not) should accept foreign dogmas?

…Attempting to supersede Indian laws on adoption. India has its own personal laws – that do make allowances for variations. Do you think that the constitution defers to adoption laws in case of Catholics to Papal or any foreign authority?

It is this interference in religious practices of Indians that makes the missionaries suspect, in Indian eyes. What further aggravates the Indian is the apparent disinterest by the Indian Government in such meddling by foreign authorities in practice of religion by Indians! And then to listen to them teaching us about religious tolerance …?

The Vatican has a long history of being political. It should not be – and cannot be treated like a religious body.

Personal choice

Religion, I thought also meant freedom. Celibacy, again I thought, was personal decision. How can any ‘foreign authority’ decide personal matters of Indians? If the Bishop has done something unacceptable, his ‘flock’ will surely let him know. How is it that a ‘head of a foreign state’ interferes in the private life of an Indian citizen?

In matters of faith, the person’s belief is paramount. No Pope (or anyone else) has any authority over that.

If I may remind you, people tried that to Jesus also. Jesus was told clearly that there was a higher religious authority than him.

He who pays the piper calls the tune …

Because foreign Christians fund the missionaries, they are calling the tune …. I thought there were strict laws against this …

The saga continues

The Pope (a head of a foreign country) institutes an enquiry commission, suspends, summons an Indian nationals – and question their religious beliefs. Not a squeak. Not a word. No protest. I thought the Indian Government is here to protect Indians.

Manubhai …

And what is the Indian Government doing?  Siesta …

1. That the head of a foreign country decide matters of personal and private life of an Indian citizen 

2. Under the guise of religion, the Pope will interfere in personal lives of Indians …

3. Indians will allow a foreign religious authority to dictate to a 3 crore Christians In India …!

Manubhai … please read Church history a little more …

Religious Freedom

Referring to the authority of a foreign organization (like the Church) over Indians, again, is off the mark. How can any foreign organization, interfere in matters of faith in India.

In India, we must clearly eliminate all ‘foreign authority’ – which is implicit with religious freedom. The same Pope will of course not allow such a freedom to any foreign religious authority, in any Catholic country – to believers in any other religion. You have only to look at Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the last decade.

Indians must and will have total religious freedom – PERIOD.

  1. November 23, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    In a related matter, Malaysia has outlawed yoga for Muslims:

  1. March 30, 2009 at 3:39 pm

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