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India may help Pakistan get a bailout-India-The Times of India

India may help Pakistan get a bailout-India-The Times of India

As Pakistan heads to the IMF for an emergency bailout or risk financial meltdown, what are the implications for India?

Pakistan’s negotiators, led by Shaukat Tareen, completed one round of talks with the IMF in Dubai this week. It will see Pakistan making a formal request for help which should be wrapped up by the IMF by November 15 — when the G-20 meets in Washington to get a grip on the global financial crisis and two days before an 8-nation Friends of Pakistan meet in Abu Dhabi to help Pakistan tide over the present crisis.

In this Pakistan will receive help, certainly from India, because PM Manmohan Singh is clear that he will, like most other world leaders, support Pakistan’s request of a bailout from the IMF. India watches with concern a Pakistan going down the tube, with nuclear weapons and state-sponsored jihadis on the rampage. India’s assessments about the present situation centre largely on the security aspects.

It was clear
Two weeks ago, that Pakistan was being put on cold turkey. US, China and Saudi Arabia were in rare co-ordination making Pakistan walk the extra mile. Simultaneously, Pakistan was taking additional steps by calling for a mini-Jirga to reinforce tribal authority against the Taliban.

India, should one, reduce its uni-directional engagement with the West and two get serious about improving the neighbourhood.

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