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Pakistani Tribals Hit Back At Taliban – NYTimes.com

As Taliban Overwhelm Police, Pakistanis Hit Back – NYTimes.com

…in early August, six Taliban fighters attacked a police post in a village in Buner, a quiet farming valley just outside Pakistan’s lawless tribal region.

The militants tied up eight policemen and lay them on the floor, and according to local accounts, the youngest member of the gang, a 14-year-old, shot the captives on orders from his boss. The fighters stole uniforms and weapons and fled into the mountains.

Almost instantly, the people of Buner, armed with rifles, daggers and pistols, formed a posse, and after five days they cornered and killed their quarry. A video made on a cellphone showed the six militants lying in the dirt, blood oozing from their wounds.

The stand at Buner has entered the lore of Pakistan’s war against the militants as a dramatic example of ordinary citizens’ determination to draw a line against the militants.

This is unprecedented

In the last 1 month, stories out of Pakistan have become unusual.

Zardari claiming that India was not a ‘threat to Pakistan’ was the first thing that came out of Pakistan. The tribal jirga wa one good piece of good news. Then cold turkey treatment by Saudi Arabia, China and the US to Pakistan was another piece of good news. The attack on the grandson of Frontier Gandhi (Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan) shows that this news is real – and affecting the Taliban.

Reclaiming Pakistan from being a renegade US client-state to a near normalcy, will be a something the international community can proud of.

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