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Obama wants his fingers in Kashmir – The Times of India

SUBVERSE: Lay off Kashmir-Editorial-Opinion-The Times of India

… the Pakistanis point out, the jihadis were a joint creation of the CIA, the Saudis and the ISI. The present threat to Pakistan on its western border is an outcome of this joint blunder.

India and Pakistan already have a no-war pact under the Simla agreement and there is a composite peace process going on between the two countries. Largely due to Indian initiative, cross-border trade has been initiated. All these steps have been taken without any third party help. Unlike Iran, Cuba and North Korea, India has never taken a stand against directly talking to another country with which it has problems.

One of the problems … at the start of the Obama administration is the likely return of many former officials tainted by the cultivation of jihadi forces, who are tolerant towards the Taliban and permissive of the China-Pakistan nuclear proliferation axis. While Obama himself may have a tough line towards the mixing of faith and politics, many of the traditional Democratic party ex-diplomats, ex-militarymen and ex-intelligence officials may not be able to shun the cronyism they have indulged in with their Pakistani Counterparts.

Fools rush in …

Many decades ago, your predecessor, popularly known as JFK rushed into the Vietnam War. More recently, your immediate predecessor, George Bush started off two wars in Asia – in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither of the three wars over the last 40 years have been a success. These wars have unsettled these countries for a long time.

In case of Afghanistan, intervention by the USSR, did not in any way justify the US intervention. In fact that set off a cycle that India has paid a heavy price for. Similarly, US intervention is behind all the major terror hot-spots of the world.

Bill Clinton in Kashmir is akin to a bull in China shop. Neither beautiful, nor useful.

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