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Will Obama Presidency be different?

‘Graceful concession’ over, knives out in US

President-elect Barack Obama is already under the gun for his choice of Rahm Emanuel as the White House chief of staff. Emanuel has the reputation of being a tough, take-no-prisoners kind of operative, and critics are saying his choice does not fit in with Obama’s promise to develop a consensual style of working. Emanuel, nicknamed “Rahmbo’’ in some quarters, is once said to have famously mailed a dead fish to a defeated political opponent.

According to conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh, Emanuel once kept sticking a steak knife into a table for emphasis each time he mentioned a political opponent. Like Obama, Emanuel is also a “Chicago thug,’’ Limbaugh said. Even the local Chicago Sun Times called Emanuel Obama’s “enforcer’’ in an article on his appointment, such is his reputation for ruthlessness.

But in a statement defending his choice, Obama said, “No one I know is better at getting things done than Rahm Emanuel.’’

Bush helped us forget …

Bill Clinton, arguably, would have become the US President for the 3rd time – but for the US Constitution. And he is the one who facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Croatia – and the Islamic demonization, which George Bush so successfully carried forward.

After the Iraq War and the Afghanistan quagmire, George Bush has become a favorite whipping boy – and people have forgotten Bill Clinton’s legacy – Monica Lewinsky apart.

And Bill Clinton’s point man was Emanuel ‘Rahmbo’. And who is Obama’s? The same ‘Rahmbo’. The more things change, the more they remain the same. I wonder how much fiction inspires reality, is based on fiction – which feeds on real life …

Is have been wondering if Obama’s election was presaged by John Grisham’s book, ‘The Appeal’ – or is it a reprise …

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