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The Great Unease

The Hindu News Update Service

Indians have the second most optimistic attitude on the current world financial crisis after Norway according to a global survey on consumer confidence levels.

Out of 52 countries surveyed, UAE consumers ranked third most optimistic for their local job prospects and state of their personal finances. “Consumer confidence in UAE remains quite stable as the economy is driven by strong domestic growth particularly in the FMCG and retail sector,” observed Mathur.

The Great Unease

Global consumer optimism surveys routinely show anxiety, unease, dread in Europe and USA. This sense of unease should be absent considering the prosperity levels, the best health-care systems, a welfare state, guaranteed unemployment benefits, their technology, their currency and their democracy.

The Indians and Chinese routinely are more optimistic – which should not happen considering the low income levels. Fancy theory apart, to my mind, it is the ’sword fatigue’ in response to constant exposure by Western Governments (to which they are exposed) which causes this low optimism.

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