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Was John Grisham’s ‘The Appeal’ about Obama’s election – Book Review – New York Times

The Appeal – John Grisham – Books – Review – New York Times

“The Appeal” is John Grisham’s handy primer on a timely subject: how to rig an election. Blow by blow, this not-very-fictitious-sounding novel depicts the tactics by which political candidates either can be propelled or ambushed and their campaigns can be subverted. Since so much of what happens here involves legal maneuvering in Mississippi, as have many of his other books, Mr. Grisham knows just how these games are played. He has sadly little trouble making such dirty tricks sound real.

Bush helped us forget …

Bill Clinton, arguably, would have become the US President for the 3rd time – but for bar by the US Constitution. And he is the one who facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia – and the Islamic demonization, which George Bush so successfully carried forward.

After the Iraq War and the Afghanistan quagmire, George Bush has become a favorite whipping boy – and people have forgotten Bill Clinton’s legacy – Monica Lewinsky apart. And Bill Clinton’s point man was Emanuel ‘Rahmbo’.

And who is Obama’s? The same ‘Rahmbo’. The more things change, the more they remain the same. I wonder how much, fiction inspires reality is based on fiction – which feeds on real life …

How much is Obama his own man … who owns Obama … Stephen Cohen, an ‘India expert’ thinks that Bill Clinton is being sent to the sub-continent because Obama wants Clinton out of the USA.

Is have been wondering if Obama’s election was presaged by John Grisham’s book, ‘The Appeal’ – or is it a reprise …

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