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Pakistan Is Big Test for Obama – WSJ.com

The new president’s advisers worry that if there’s an unpleasant foreign-policy surprise that will divert their attention from enormous economic challenges, it could well come in Pakistan.

It’s a well-founded fear. Pakistan was a tense and worrisome place for America before the world-wide financial mess arrived. The country is, after all, a nuclear-armed Islamic giant run by an unproven new government, beset by internal political rifts, conducting a fitful struggle with Taliban and al Qaeda insurgents along its border with Afghanistan, and threatened by Islamic radicals angry over American military strikes along that same Afghan border. That’s plenty to keep a new president awake at night. (via Pakistan Is Big Test for Obama – WSJ.com).

Blameless US …

A beacon of ‘free press’, the WSJ, does an analysis of the Pakistan problem. While there is no taking away from the fact that Pakistan is a problem, it was very facile for WSJ to completely ignore the US role for the last 50 years of American intervention in Pakistan – from the paranoid ‘domino theory’ and CENTO days till now.

Celebrating 50 years of US intervention in Pakistan

The above article goes onto mention that,

“Pakistan, in fact, serves as a cautionary reminder of how the world has a nasty way of intruding on the best-laid Washington agendas.”

I would have had a tough time controlling my laughter, if the Pakistani situation was not so serious and if I was not convinced that the writer believes in this statement. The story is exactly the opposite. The US has a habit of intruding into the affairs of other countries – and Pakistan is today’s worst living example of this cynical US intervention.

US unpopularity

The puzzled writer goes onto mention how,

U.S. strikes inside Pakistani territory arouse far more public anger. Yet U.S. military leaders trying to stabilize Afghanistan next door can’t simply let Islamic militants cross into Pakistan and find safe haven

How would the US feel, if its former NATO allies were to ally with the Russians and turn against the US. The US is pretty much doing that in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Taliban and al-Qaeda were used by the US against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. And now the US is waging war against its ex-allies.

With such ‘brilliant’ representative analysis, from WSJ, what can one hope from the new US Government?

More of the same old ham handedness seems likely.

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