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India opens gates for Western gunboat diplomacy? Bloomberg

The seizure of a Saudi oil supertanker by Somali pirates may push Western navies to step up their actions against hijackers, military experts said.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is reassessing its operations in the region and may adopt a tougher stance toward the pirates. The navies of India, Russia, Britain and Germany have all battled pirate vessels in the Gulf of Aden in the last 10 days alone. (via Bloomberg.com: Worldwide)

2ndlook’s pointed out yesterday that India’s actions in Somalia may open the gates for further gun boat diplomacy by the West.

Sign of things to come?

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  1. galeo rhinus
    November 21, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    I agree with the spirit of your criticism – yet I am not convinced that India should away from this mess.

    You are implying that it is India’s actions that will draw western gunboats to the Somalia coast.

    If India chooses inaction – somehow the western gunboats will stay away?

    Are you perhaps taking a moral or ethical stand – and hiding that behind a fig leaf of a ‘pragmatic’ warning?

    Amongst India’s “exports” to the world are hundreds of thousands of men who are employed on these merchant ships. They range from cooks to captains – but a significant portion of the crew on these ships are Indian – not NRI đŸ™‚

    Should India take a moral and ethical stand in protecting the lives of Indian citizens that are threatened in areas where law and order is not forthcoming?

    Additionally – geo-politically speaking – by getting a UN sanction to take on the pirates – India preempts other countries from sending their gun boats – does it not?

    Sure – India is playing with fire… but sometimes – when the fire’s raging all around you – learning to play with fire can be the best way to fight it.


  2. November 22, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    There is a dysfunctional Government in Somalia. Their writ has no meaning for these pirates. But may be we should use a fig leaf of a permission from this Government.

    Possibly, we should have some multi-lateral action with the Indian Ocean littoral countries. India has already moved in this direction – and the Somalia Government has given permission to India to go down this route.

    Third, after this post, there has some sanction of Indian actions from the Somalian Government.

    So .. this post .. and events have been overtaken by subsequent developments.

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