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Sighted – the first intelligent comment on Mumbai 26/11

in the aftermath of the 26/11 attacks I am beginning to hear … middle-class murmurs and whines about the ineffectual … democracy and the need for authoritarian government.

The first part of the argument is … India’s politicians are greedy sods, incompetent buffoons who have let the country down … The real heroes of 26/11 were the men in uniform, the navy commandos, the Army, the Mumbai police and the ATS. Therefore, we should put our faith in these people not in politicians … Some talk openly about a benign dictator (a commodity on par with virgin prostitutes) and some demand an abridgement of the universal franchise that, they say, has led us to this mess. Many (and I’m sure you’ve got the text messages too) demand that we refuse to cast our votes as a gesture of protest: “We should refuse to cooperate with these bloody politicians.” … Not only does it demonstrate that we have forgotten the lessons of the Emergency but it also shames the Indian middle class and shows up the cowards that are some of its most vocal members. (via Let’s recall the lessons from the Emergency – Lounge – livemint.com).

All is forgiven Vir Sanghvi …

The first intelligent comment on the Mumbai 26/11.

All your superior sounding down articles, your snooty takes on food, wine and other inane stuff … This one article allows you to continue with your mindless wanderings for the next few weeks at least. At least, I will not complain, about how you contribute to global warming by usage of newsprint for mindless pursuits …

Covered in glory

The Indian media (especially English) and the India’s Westernized elite has been hounding for blood ever since the terrorist attacks on Mumbai’s upper class business centres for the first time. After the 26/11 attack on Mumbai prime centres, they have been able to force the resignation of Shivraj Patil, India’s Home Minister. Maharashtra’s Home Minister, RR Patil has also resigned. Maharashtra’s Cheif Minister is expected to be replaced also – soon.

While, busy going up the grease pole of ratings and rankings, the Indian media has not covered itself with glory on the analysis Mumbai 26/11 terror strike. They have stoked a feeding frenzy against the politicians – who are are accountable and should pay a price.

Glaring Omissions

They have NOT pointed any fingers against any bureaucrat(s) who have slept on the job. While they have extensively covered the visits, careers, deaths, heroics, funerals of Salasker, Kamte, Karkare and Maj Unnikrishnan, they have completely ignored the funerals of the foot soldiers and police constables – like Gajendar Singh. No politician has seen it fit to go the houses of the foot soldiers and police constables.

When the poor died, they were praised for the ‘spirit of Mumbai’ and asked to get back to work – as the rich would other wise suffer. Now that that rich are suffering they no longer want to talk about  the spirit of Mumbai, but instead are questioning ‘how long’?

Shame on you, Indian media, Indian middle class, Indian elite. Is it a co-incidence that they happen to be English speaking and Westernized?

  1. galeo rhinus
    December 7, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Again – you refuse to analyze the issue.

    There are 4 distinct sets or subsets of people involved in the discussion.

    Politicians as a set and the ruling government as its subset are two of these categories.

    The thirds category are the security forces who take orders from their civilian bosses in the government.

    The fourth are the bureaucrats.

    While you accurately point out that the criticism of “politiicians” is incorrect, you are – I am convinced – deliberately leaving out the criticism of the government.

    Are you unequivocally willing to articulate this criticism?

    The criticism of the bureaucracy notwithstanding, will you openly and clearly say what I have been suggesting you do – is to criticize the state government and the central for its many failures?

    Failing to do that – you choose your words – I will assume – that you are simply deflecting criticism…

    …that will be a personal disappointment.

  2. December 9, 2008 at 11:32 am

    You say that I am an deflecting and failing to ‘criticize the state government and the central for its many failures’

    What then is this : –

    1. they have completely ignored the funerals of the foot soldiers and police constables – like Gajendar Singh. No politician has seen it fit to go the houses of the foot soldiers and police constables.

    2. a feeding frenzy against the politicians – who are are accountable and should pay a price.

  3. galeo rhinus
    December 9, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    you are criticizing them for their post-event actions… which is simply one element of governance.

    But security of its citizens is the responsibility of the government.

    The state and the central governments refused to spring into action until… the sadhvi case came into fore.

    If these governments had followed the same vigor in creating a strong foreign policy or going after plausible leads in non-sadhu-sadhvi cases, one can argue, that India would have been a little less vulnerable.

    Clearly neither of us are advocating any extreme position here… neither of us want a police state where people in machine guns are patrolling… yet the last few years was complete inaction on all fronts… until they found “hindu” terrorists…

    …I would have respected them if they had stuck to what was looking like a principled stand against a strong laws against all terrorist – regardless of their faith… something – which I presume you would prmote… while I would disagree – I am OK with that stand…

    …but to show this glaring disparity and the use of MCOCA and other laws which they have on “principal” eliminated on “Hindu terrorists…”?

    …and you remain quiet?

    …all you can criticize them for is not attending funerals????

    Where’s the outrage Anuraag???

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