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Robert D. Kaplan gives gyaan on India in NYTimes.com

It was apparent to all (including one British cartoonist) that Jinnah was staging objections under false 'allusions'! (Artist - David Low (1891-1963) Published - Evening Standard, 04 Sep 1946).

It was apparent to all (including one British cartoonist) that Jinnah was staging objections under false 'allusions'! (Artist - David Low (1891-1963) Published - Evening Standard, 04 Sep 1946).

Hindu-Muslim relations have historically been tense. Remember that the 1947 partition of the subcontinent uprooted at least 15 million people and led to the violent deaths of around half a million. Given this record, the relatively peaceful relations between the majority Hindus and India’s 150 million Muslims has been testimony to India’s successful experiment in democracy. Democracy has so far kept the lid on an ethnic and religious divide that, while its roots run centuries back, has in recent years essentially become a reinvented modern hostility. (via Op-Ed Contributor – Trouble in the Other Middle East – NYTimes.com).

Wishful thinking or ignorance Mr.Kaplan

Actually neither. It is propaganda.

The West has the lowest levels of religious diversity – and the way they have dealt with it is simple – genocide. Native Americans in Canada, USA, Native Aborigines in Australia are excellent examples.

India however, is exactly – and unfortunately, the only country of its kind. No country offers the religious freedom that Muslims have in India – including Muslim countries. Christians cannot proselytize with as much freedom (and arrogance) in any other country as in India.

That is inconvenient truth (for the West) Mr.Kaplan.

History of Hindu Muslim Feud …?

For starters, you must consider how the Muslims fought for the overthrow of British colonialism from 1857 War to 1947. The Deoband Seminary, Sheikh Abdullah were all popular Muslim leaders – who did not wish for or support the formation of Pakistan. The State of Pakistan was an artificial creation – and Sheikh Abdullah refused to even meet up with Jinnah – and who was deemed irrelevant.

The Deoband seminary issued a call to Muslims, against the idea of Pakistan – and now Deoband is again renewing its campaign, with its anti-terror agenda. Deoband seminary was set up after the 1857 War, as a religious institution to ‘escape’ British repression. 75 years after its establishment, the Deoband school became famous during Independence, due to its strong anti-Jinnah, anti-Partition stand. And 60 years after Indian independence, the Deoband seminary is again, leading an anti-terror campaign in India.

As for the India-Pakistan Partition riots, you must remember, that worst of these riots happened in British ruled areas. The feudal Nawabs of India, the ‘oriental despots’ as you probably know and call them, were able to avert these riots. How come?

Mr.Kaplan, it was a lot like ‘abdication of authority’ by the British colonial Government – if not active connivance! In history, it is called scorched earth tactics, usually used by retreating armies and forces.

In this case, the British Raj.

How about this?

Indian Naval Ratings March For Indian Independence

Indian Naval Ratings March For Indian Independence

Of course, the colonial narrative does not mention how the Naval Ratings declaration threatened an ignominious defeat to the Empire, as a fait accompli. Mr.Kaplan, you must check out how the Naval Ratings (both Hindus and the Muslims together) co-ordinated – and it were these Naval Ratings who raised the flag of Indian Independence.

Post WW2, a two million strong, Indian defence units, battle hardened and exposed to global war theaters, were a force that the British would not dare to take on.

Allama Iqbal (now the iconic figure in Pakistan) converted to the a very nascent two-nation theory after his stint in England – circa 1909. Poets like Sahir Ludhianvi moved from Pakistan to India. MJ Akbar’s family was another that moved from Bangladesh (then part of Pakistan) to India.

Like the colonial detritus in many ex-colonies, the two-nation theory was a British creation.

And remains a colonial legacy.

As for now …

The root of the problem is the US intervention – and you are calling for more of it. My advice, Mr.Kaplan  – simple and will not the cost the US anything.

Lay off.

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