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IPS man suggests that IAS should be replaced -The Times of India

Many feel that the duties of a home secretary, especially those related to internal security, would be better discharged by an officer from the IPS, who would be professionally better qualified because of greater exposure and experience in the field of law enforcement. Chances of enforcing the rule of law would be better, and therefore people’s faith in democracy would be firmer.

It may sound radical, and pretty unpalatable for our administrators, but isn’t it high time that the country thinks in terms of having the right and the best person for every position, the one most qualified and with the right kind of experience? This includes choosing the best candidate as home secretary who is responsible for the internal security of the country, be it at the Centre or state level. (via Cops to the rescue-Subverse-Opinion-The Times of India).

By extending this logic, Army Generals should be our defence ministers and bankers or businessmen our finance ministers. Valid points but bad logic.

Indian police manages with the lowest population-to-police ratio – and the lowest prisoner population. These two qualify the Indian police for  more recognition – and less fault finding.

That the IAS is a calcified, ossified cadre with high corruption levels – and a bent of thinking that has not served India well, Mr.Periera should, fairly, be your target. India needs bureaucratic reform – and not loyalty to your own  IPS cadre. That is the hallmark of the IAS cadre, that you are, in fact, criticizing.

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