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A lot will depend on India’s creative strategy- Et Debate-Opinion-The Economic Times

The foundations of the terrorist infrastructure are so deep-rooted that it would require years of political and social engineering to make a dent on it. A political culture of violence, spawned by an intolerant interpretation of Islam and a distorted view of history, lies at the foundation of this terrorist infrastructure. Opportunistic use of religion and politics by successive governments and political groups has created a state that is no longer in control of society. The “non-state actors”, which the Pakistani establishment created to pursue its strategic objectives in Afghanistan and India, have gained their own dynamism and autonomy. It will be impossible to excise them without Pakistan itself undergoing serious destabilisation.

But Pakistan is also vulnerable; it can be made to act under pressure. To make Pakistan cooperate in the fight against terrorism, whether through persuasion or coercion, is going to be a long haul. It has to be seen whether India has a creative strategy and the resilience to carry it through. (via A lot will depend on India’s creative strategy- Et Debate-Opinion-The Economic Times).

Clear prognosis

Ajay D Behera’s short article was also clear in its prognosis.The terror infrastructure in Pakistan will not go away easily – or quickly. Uncle Sam will do little about – he is not saying that, I am.

Round up the usual suspects

The usual ‘weapons’ in the Indian armoury, of issuing demarches to the Pakistani ambassador, recalling the Indian ambassador, declaring Pakistani diplomats as persona-non-grata, sabre rattling are not going to work.

Indian diplomats now need to start working – seriously.

Options Indian can consider.

  1. Zardari wants to export cement and sugar to India. India has a large market for both – and can easily absorb Pakistani exports. Tie these Pakistani exports to quantitative achievements in shutting down terror camps in Pakistan.
  2. Pakistan has access to Western technology for – in defence for RDX, machine guns, PACs, etc. Fake Indian currency notes are also allegedly coming out of technology supplied by Europeans. Close these channels.
  3. Pakistani Hindus (especially Dalits) are crucial to Pakistan. Announce a scheme for Hindu immigration from Pakistan to India. The loss of this 2% of Pakistani population can make life difficult for Pakistan. Facilitate their immigration to India.
  4. Work with US, NATO, Afghan Governments to close Peshawar arms bazaar.

What Ajay D Behara is saying is that India will need to be resilient and creative in doing. He is right.

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