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Seventh Indian killed in US

Exactly four years after he left for the US on Bhogi Pongal, 26-yearold Satyam employee N Akshay Vishal, a resident of Hyderabad, was killed in Arkansas. Akshay, who was shot at as he was returning from work, succumbed to bullet injuries while undergoing treatment at Methodist Medical Center in Little Rock Town, Arkansas, on January 14, a day after he was shot. He is the seventh Indian student or professional from Andhra to have been murdered in the US in the last 15 months. (via Satyam employee killed in US).

The important part is these incidents is the common factors: –

  1. Most of thee victims are from Andhra Pradesh (in India) – which sends the largest numbers of techies and students from India.
  2. All the seven victims were students or young tech workers.
  3. These have happened with regularity. Every 45-75 days.
  4. None of these students had any criminal record or involvement in any criminal activity or groups.

Seven murders in 15 months is too many to be a co-incidence.

What’s happening?

Foreign workers being blamed for job losses in USA? Is there some racist group behind this. Is is the Ku Klux Klan? Indian groups had requested FBI to check this out.

Anybody out there?

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