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Indian journos deride legal reform as ‘free-for-all crime’

On December 23, 2008, the Lok Sabha gave criminality a Christmas bonanza by passing a radically amended Criminal Procedure Code Bill along with seven other Bills, all of which were passed within a mere 17 minutes without any time-wasting frivolities such as debate and discussion which, in effect, prevents law enforcement authorities from arresting someone who has committed a crime which carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.

Instead of clapping behind bars the accused in such cases which include attempt to commit culpable homicide; voluntarily causing grievous hurt; cheating; outraging a woman’s modesty; death caused by negligence; and assaulting the President the police will now have to issue a ‘notice of appearance’ to the individual concerned who will be expected to ‘cooperate’ with the investigation. (via Free-for-all crime-Subverse-Opinion-The Times of India).

Ignorant journos are the new angutha chaaps

Ignorant journos are the new angutha chaaps

Ignorant journalists like Jug Suraiya and his ilk, should not be eligible to benefit from such exemptions. These lap-top toting, ignorant journos are a new breed of ‘angutha chaaps’. What these English speaking, Westernized journos, dont know and cant care about are these inconvenient facts: –

  1. India has the lowest per capita prison population in the world.
  2. India also has the lowest police-to-population ratio in the world.
  3. India has the second highest national gun stock in the world.
  4. India has the largest number of poor in the world.
  5. Capital punishment in India is again at low levels.

Western systems of law and order predict that India should have the highest crime rate in the world – which is not true. India has low-to-average crime rate compared to the Rest of the World.

Juggy-boy – open your mind, before you open your mouth! Or is it before you open your ‘laptop’?

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