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US-UK playing good-cop-bad-cop routine with India

January 17, 2009 2 comments
Is this how you deal with Pakistan? (Cartoon by Dan Piraro; cartoon source and courtesy Click for larger image.

Is this how you deal with Pakistan? (Cartoon by Dan Piraro; cartoon source and courtesy Click for larger image.

Mr Miliband, a root cause theorist, had on Thursday come out with a reality-challenged position that a resolution of Kashmir issue will end terror in India.

“When there is a terror attack in UK, do they believe that root cause lies in Northern Island or in their own policies. Why are they going for the root cause in India? The Mumbai attacks have no links to Kashmir,” Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi told reporters.

Although the Congress spokesman steered clear of explaining that real cause of terror, Mr Miliband’s country has, for the past seven years, been maintaining that the world is experiencing transnational terror unleashed by those nurturing transnational grievances. (via No one roots for Miliband’s root-cause theory- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times).

Two step tango

A patronizing Milliband made a visit and made a few remarks which must have gladdened a few jihadi hearts. Condoleeza Rice came a few weeks ago and made some remarks which have made a few jihadi hearts go black with rage.

This is a good ‘ole’ good-cop-bad-cop routine. India and Pakistan would be dumb to fall for this. Kashmiris first paid a price for Britain’s imperial designs. Now, this time, will Kashmiri-Indians pay a price, all over again, for all these US policy failures?

Lets us not fall for this dumb games ...

Lets us not fall for this dumb games ...

We should stop wasting time in engaging with these terminally declining societies. We must get up and get going.

Little choice there.

Why India’s education system is losing out…

January 17, 2009 2 comments

In 2007-08, India sent over 94,500 students to American universities. They accounted for 15 per cent of the total international students’ population in the United States. Experts believe that in a year or two, India would lose the number one position, it has held for the last seven years, to China.

Indian students spent about $2.36 billion, or Rs 11,800 crore (Rs 118 billion) at today’s exchange rate, on their education in American universities … many students from India may have gone to study at these universities after obtaining scholarships … If that is the case for Indian students also, then the total spend by Indian students from their own pockets would be about Rs 7,300 crore (Rs 73 billion). (via Why India’s education system is losing out….).

This article then goes onto how India could sharpen its edge to remain the ‘top’ supplier of ready made talent to the USA – and pay for that privilege. It talks about the poor state of Indian education system – without once mentioing about the exclusion of large masses of people on the basis of language.

Only English speaking people allowed into Indian higher education system!!

UK paedophile may walk free-The Times of India

January 17, 2009 2 comments
Vatican opposes abortion for a steady supply of targets?

Vatican opposes abortion for a steady supply of targets?

A 62-year-old British national, who was arrested by the UK police on charges of sexually abusing several boys of a boarding school in Chennai over three years from September 2003, is likely to walk free in a fortnight because of a year-long delay on the part of Indian authorities in assisting the probe. (via UK paedophile may walk free-Chennai-Cities-The Times of India).

The do-good industry

An Australian do-gooder was arrested for sexually assaulting children of an orphanage in Puri. Powel Allen, an eye surgeon employed with the orphanage for the past four years, was arrested in Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). Sometime back, two other orphanage administrators, and alleged pedophiles, Duncan Grant and Allan John Waters were convicted (their conviction is now under appeal-review).

Further back, Wilhelm and Lile Marti, a Swiss couple, again in the do-good industry, were granted bail in a paedophilia case. After bail, they promptly fled India.

Do we really need these do-gooders?

Mother Teresa, another do-gooder raised hundreds of crores in the name of Kolkatta’s poor, A few hundreds of the Kolkatta’s poor benefited from that money. But many missionaries rode on the backs of these poor Kolkattans, raising even more money. The PR machine of the Vatican has done a great job on this scam.

Even if India cant take care of its poor, we don’t need these do-gooders!

Away!! Begone!

Should we say, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan!!’

They have problems at home

Spain has 400,000 prostitutes (for a population of 40 million) who ‘attract’ 15,00,000 clients every day. Some state the Spanish social system is in! Britain has 10,000 Muslim prisoners out 16,00,000 British Muslims . Quite a number of prisoners to have!

And these very countries had the temerity to ‘donate’ Indian NGOs a humungous US$3 billion (nearly) last year.

May I suggest?

Keep your money and keep your do gooders at home. Your need is greater than ours.

Mass privatisation in Communist bloc led to surge in male deaths – Yahoo! News

January 17, 2009 4 comments

Former Eastern Bloc countries that swiftly and massively privatised their state assets in the early 1990s, leading to a surge in unemployment, unleashed a wave of death among men … The consequences hold stark lessons for China, India and other countries mulling reforms of their state sector, according to the study published by The Lancet.

Between 1991 and 1994, male deaths in Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, where intense, fast-track privatisation took place, rose 42 percent, coinciding with a 305-percent increase in unemployment, its authors say.

They found that swift, massive privatisation of assets was generally correlated with a lightning rise in unemployment and a sharp increase in mortality among men aged 15-59. (via Mass privatisation in Communist bloc led to surge in male deaths – Yahoo! News).

This was the ‘secret’ behind Anglo Saxon wealth – the methodology of genocide of Native Americans and Aborigines.Australia, Canada and USA were amongst the largest producers of gold – in the last 200 years. These large countries funded the Wars of colonization and and the colonies were exploited to fund this genocide.

A point in example was the Indian War of 1857 against British colonizers. The Indian alliance did not have the ‘loot’ and the ‘resources’ that the British had – from the Caribbean colonies, from the Opium trade, or the licensed naval piracy by the British Crown.

In 1492, when Columbus landed in the West Indies, the native American population was 3 million (in the what is currently USA) and more than 10 million in the Americas – and they spoke a 600 languages. 300 years later, they had become tourist attractions. The British and the independent Americans were equally brutal with the Red Indians.

During the French and Indian Wars, Britain waged a biological warfare against the Red Indians by distributing small pox infected blankets to Red Indians. 70 years later, Andrew Jackson delayed (some say withheld) small pox medical supplies and vaccines from Red Indians. Treaty after treaty was made with Red Indians – which were broken time and again. And the man leading this campaign – George Washington The Great himself.

Indians later referred to Washington by the nickname “Town Destroyer,” for it was under his direct orders that at least 28 out of 30 Seneca towns from Lake Erie to the Mohawk River had been totally obliterated in a period of less than five years, as had all the towns and villages of the Mohawk, the Onondaga, and the Cayuga. As one of the Iroquois told Washington to his face in 1792: “to this day, when that name is heard, our women look behind them and turn pale, and our children cling close to the necks of their mothers.”

The White man coveted everything that the Red Indian had – but mostly, his life. This “land of the free” by all possible (and some impossible) means was soon made land free of the “natives and savages”. The vast prairie lands were expropriated – and the Cherokee Indians were marched out by the US army.

This march, Trail Of Tears, signalled the break of treaty by white Anglo Saxons. Land West of the Mississippi were to belong to the Eastern Indians ‘in perpetuity.’ The Red Indians resisted removal and forcible transfers. Their resistance was brutally crushed.

The entire Anglo Saxon race was against the very existence of the native Red Indian. The British Colonialists and the White Anglo Saxon settlers continued a scorched earth policy in their genocidal campaign.

Just like Romani Gypsy and Australian aboriginal children were taken away from their parents, Red Indian children were also removed. In different continents, at different times, similar tactics were used by Europeans and the Anglo Saxons in the colonies.

Next target – maybe the Islamic Middle East?

Seventh Indian killed in US

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Exactly four years after he left for the US on Bhogi Pongal, 26-yearold Satyam employee N Akshay Vishal, a resident of Hyderabad, was killed in Arkansas. Akshay, who was shot at as he was returning from work, succumbed to bullet injuries while undergoing treatment at Methodist Medical Center in Little Rock Town, Arkansas, on January 14, a day after he was shot. He is the seventh Indian student or professional from Andhra to have been murdered in the US in the last 15 months. (via Satyam employee killed in US).

The important part is these incidents is the common factors: –

  1. Most of thee victims are from Andhra Pradesh (in India) – which sends the largest numbers of techies and students from India.
  2. All the seven victims were students or young tech workers.
  3. These have happened with regularity. Every 45-75 days.
  4. None of these students had any criminal record or involvement in any criminal activity or groups.

Seven murders in 15 months is too many to be a co-incidence.

What’s happening?

Foreign workers being blamed for job losses in USA? Is there some racist group behind this. Is is the Ku Klux Klan? Indian groups had requested FBI to check this out.

Anybody out there?

What should Indian film industry expect in ’09?- Business of Bollywood-The Economic Times

January 15, 2009 1 comment
Indian film montage

Indian film montage

India’s biggest money-spinner film was a Tamil film—Sivaji, starring none other than the superstar Rajinikant. Of course, there is the fact that the Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini is a remake of a Tamil film.

Even at debated figures, Sivaji’s gross of over Rs 100 crore was unheard of for Indian films, leave alone any regional cinema. India’s status as the largest film industry in the world comes from the combined forces of 22 languages, including Hindi which released 1,146 films in 2007 (according to the Ficci Frames PwC E&Y report 2008).

Of the over 1,000 films, only 257 were Hindi with Telugu coming close with 241 and Tamil in third place with 149, Kannada with 111 and Marathi with 97. The figures changed to mostly lesser numbers for regional yet the order remains more or less the same. Even if Hindi films muscle in with more commerce making up approximately 45% of the total Rs 96 billion filmed market (apprx), the other 55% cannot be ignored. (via What regional film industry should expect in ’09?- Business of Bollywood-Features-The Economic Times).

A few interesting aspects: –

1. The English media in India and the Westernized Indians snidely refer to the Indian film industry as Bollywood (Mumbai), Tollywood (Telugu film industry) Mollywood (Madras, Malayalam) Kollywood (Kodambakkam, Kolkatta) – as one would refer a poor country cousin.

2. Fact is the Indian film industry is driven by a completely different idiom, ethos when compared to Hollywood. In fact, Indian film industry itself is actually about 4-5 centres of film making (for different languages) – spread all over the country. Each of these centres have different film styles. So, the Indian film industry owes nothing to Hollywood – and Indians have difficulty in believing that. Hollywood is singularly unsuccessful in India.

3. The State is possibly the biggest drag on this industry – which is weighed down by heavy taxes.

4. The Mumbai industry remains dominated after a 70 years, by Punjabis and Muslims. There is something about (their cultural mix which enables) this dominance.

5. Isolated international success and limited (international) distribution organization of the industry, has stopped this industry from competing in the world markets. The completely different idiom and the creative mix, will create its own separate market.

6. Till about 10 years ago, Indian film industry was considered too ‘infradig’ to be studied, analysed or even understood – by the academia. That is slowly changing. Some interesting books and writers have emerged in the last 1 decade.

Desperate Obama adulation in India

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

YES, we can! India joined the now famous refrain when US voters rose in one voice as presidential candidate Barack Obama delivered his victory

Somewhere, though, there was a wistful tinge of, “Wish we had an Indian Obama!” And, even as the new US president gets set to take oath of office, Indians, fresh from 26/11, are still on the lookout for a leader who inspires.

India is crying out for a young, dynamic leader who stands by his words and people, someone who delivers.

Says Anu Aga, businessperson and listed amongst Forbes’ most powerful women, “It’s not impossible. Gandhi, the phenomenon, happened less than a century ago and is still part of living memory. Obama is a product of the times and has created hope and optimism all around. Now, we have to find our own Obama.” (via Desperately seeking… an Indian Obama!-Life-Sunday TOI-The Times of India).

What is it about Obama that inspires this lady?

Obama surrounded by Secret Service agents

Obama surrounded by Secret Service agents

Is it that after 250 years, a Black person has become a President of the USA – amidst growing fears that he will be assassinated? Is she fogretting how in “the spring of 1968 … Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated in a span of two months.”

That this may be a token much like Kennedy, – the first and the last Catholic President in the USA? Is it inspiring, that after 200 years of being a republic, the US still has not elected a woman as a President?

Coming to Obama, according to this writer, is someone who is “young, dynamic leader (and) stands by his words and people, someone who delivers” … On what basis is this statement made – because, Obama has furiously started back pedalling on his campaign promises, even before being sworn in. Pretty standard for the course, for politicians across the world.

Of course, the cynicism towards politicians amidst the Westernized Indian elite in India is not new or strange.

Why am I not surprised by this adulation of the West – from India’s oldest English newspaper!

Black cat, white cat … both are not catching the mice.

January 15, 2009 2 comments
Whats the difference?

What's the difference?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson isn’t the devil … (but) on his watch the US has morphed into a huge debt-issuing machine … (and) the US deficit will more than double this year to at least $1.18 trillion, the biggest since World War II. The CBO’s estimates don’t include the cost of the president-elect’s stimulus package, which will probably add at least $750 billion to the total over the next two years. Last year’s shortfall totalled $455 billion.

Barack Obama has even bigger plans.

“I spent most of the first two quarters of 2008 marvelling at the pace of Chinese reserve accumulation,” Council on Foreign Relations economist Brad Setser in New York wrote on his Web log this week. “I expect to spend the first few quarters of 2009 marvelling at the size of the US fiscal deficit.”

Along with its Faustian bargain, one wonders if China risks a Madoffian one, too.

No, the Treasury isn’t engaged in a massive fraud of the kind allegedly perpetrated by financier Bernard Madoff. Yet the US’s $5.3 trillion government debt arena is looking more like a Ponzi scheme than a market.


Madoff personifies the greed, lack of transparency and lost trust that has accompanied the US’s fall from grace. Even though sceptics raised concerns about the veracity of Madoff’s performance over the years, regulators failed to act. They believed Madoff’s assertions and figures. (via William Pesek: China risks the Madoff treatment from treasuries).

‘Black cat, white cat, who cares as long as it can catch mice’

There are two frauds – one by the US Government on the world – and the other by the Chinese Government, on its own citizens. USA is a democratic, capitalist, developed, modern G7 country. China other an authoritarian, communist, totalitarian, developing ancient culture. And they both seem to be committing some fairly large frauds.

So much for the ‘superior’, Western, democratic and model. It really does not matter if the cat is white or black – because they both don’t seem to be catching the mice.

Developing – A bubble of books on bubbles …

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

No more books on economic crisis

No more books on economic 'crisis'

the follies of the dotcom valuations and the subprime loans, that would really interest us because they were a ripoff.

To take just one example. A couple secured a loan for $1.5m (with no collateral whatsoever), bought a house for $1.16m, refurnished it for $333,000, lived happily in it for three years and then coolly walked off! Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s “After the Money’s Gone” tells it all.

You can use any cliché to describe the Panic and its aftermath: lax lending, the lure of cheap money, greed or whatever. But the one that is really spot on about business specialists is Saul Bellow’s remark that “a great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” (via V V: How bubbles burst).

I swear I will throw up … if one more book on these bubbles is written …

The cause for these entire financial crises was too many dollars being printed by the US to buy products and services from poorer economies (like China) with pieces of paper. That is the root of the problem. We dont need a book to tell us this.

The review is better than the book. Especially the closing lines by Saul Bellow (given above).

Blood does not sleep

January 11, 2009 Leave a comment


Saladin, the greatest of Muslim warriors, died of fever and old age on the morning of March 4, 1124. He was the iconic believer. Malcolm Lyons and D E P Jackson write in Saladin: The Politics of the Holy War, ”The imam Abu Jafar and al-Fadil were with him on the morning of March 4. The imam was reciting from the Quran. ‘It is said that when he reached the words — There is no god but God and in Him I put my trust — Saladin smiled; his face cleared and he surrendered his soul to God’.”

On his last visit to Jerusalem, the holy city he had restored to Arab rule, in September 1123, he gave his fourth son, Abu Mansur al-Zahir, some immortal advice. As his son was about to leave, on October 6, Saladin kissed him, rubbed his hair fondly and said: be chary of shedding blood, ”for blood does not sleep”. He added, addressing his attendant emirs, ”I have only reached my present position by conciliation”.

Nine centuries later, blood has still not slept in that land. It keeps awake as a nightmare. No region in modern times has refused conciliation and invested as heavily in a nightmare. (via Blood does not sleep, stays awake as nightmare-The Siege Within-MJ Akbar-Columnists-Opinion-The Times of India).

And this is the difference between the ‘Desert Bloc’ and the ‘Indic Bloc’. Gandhiji’s non-violence was based on this premise that ‘blood does not sleep’. The Desert Bloc has not learnt Saladin’s lesson. India’s ability to stay together, in spite of history has never seen a republic like India – is due to this belief. India has done well – and much needs to be done.

As long as India remembers that ‘blood does not sleep‘, we will succeed. The day we forget that, we will go the way of others. The country model of the West is built on foundations of congealed blood of slaves, genocide and war. And the massive imprisonment and capital punishment of its peoples.

Possibly, the US Congress must make this statement a part of swearing-in ceremony for every US President, Senator and Congressman.

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