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Kashmir and the forgotten Sheikh

January 18, 2009 7 comments

Sixty years after Kashmir threw in its lot with India, the state remains an enigma for policymakers. Even back then, the Kashmiri Muslims – the majority in the state – led by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, had defied popular perception that Muslim majority states would prefer joining Pakistan. Abdullah had snubbed Jinnah by refusing to even meet him when the latter came to the Valley in the hope of convincing the young leader to support Pakistan. (via The forgotten Sheikh).

An enigma, inside a puzzle wrapped in a mystery …

Kashmir remains an interesting complication – from a historical perspective. It was Muslim majority – so Pakistan could take a technical refuge under the Indian actions in Junagadh and Hyderabad. Since, it had a Muslim majority, Pakistan could lay claim to it.

The Hindu ruler wished to remain independent – and then changed his mind – and decided to join India. Popular leaders of Kashmir, like Sheikh Abdullah, also wanted Kashmir to be a part of India. Hence the legitimacy of Indian claim.

Note the body language

Note the body language

Colonial detritus

The jokers in the pack were the legacy Colonial rulers – in India and Pakistan. The Governor General of India was Mountbatten – and the Pakistani Generals and some Indian army officials were British.

The collusion between these colonial agents in the dying days of the Raj, has created a festering problem – which India and Pakistan are still fighting over.

We can continue with this problem for the next 60 years – without success. Instead, a better idea may be to put the Kashmir problem into a cryogenic chamber and revive this issue 50 years later.

Westernization of the sub-continent

India’s independent movement created leaders like Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Sheikh Abdullah – who have been forgotten. Instead we now see only the Taliban – created by the West.

Why are Indian consumers and companies so confident?

January 18, 2009 Leave a comment
The mystery of Indian optimism

The mystery of Indian optimism

Even in the depths of a downturn, Indian consumers and companies are surprisingly confident, putting the country on top. Seven months ago … consumer confidence in India had fallen 11 points to 122, the lowest in the last five rounds of the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey.

Since then, Lehman Brothers, the 158-year-old investment bank, has collapsed and the Detroit carmakers have been gasping for money. Still worse, in end-November, 10 gun-and-grenade-totting terrorists killed 192 people across Mumbai, the nation’s financial capital.

Even as all these events sink in, India has topped the latest round of the Nielsen survey with 114 points, a massive 30 points above the global average of 84. (via Consumers and companies are confident).

The secret of Indian optimism?

The secret of Indian optimism?

The Great Unease

Strange. In fact, very strange.

What gives Indian the confidence that things will improve? Year after year, such global surveys routinely show anxiety, unease, dread in Europe and USA. This sense of unease should be absent considering the prosperity levels, the best health-care systems, a welfare state, guaranteed unemployment benefits, their technology, their currency and their democracy.

The Indians and Chinese routinely are more optimistic – which should not happen considering the low income levels. Fancy theory apart, to my mind, it is the ‘sword fatigue’ in response to constant exposure by Western Governments (to which they are exposed) which causes this low optimism.

The only thing that worries Indians was the well being of their parents.

WB to give $3 bn to India for bank recap – The Financial Express

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment

India expects to get USD three billion from the World Bank in two tranches by March 31, 2010, to help it recapitalise public sector banks, besides National Housing Bank and EXIM Bank.

The World Bank may most probably give the first phase of the loan by June this year, a senior finance ministry official said here.

He said 17-18 public sector banks as well as National Housing Bank and EXIM Bank require more capital. In total, Rs 20,000 crore is needed to recapitalise these entities. (via WB to give $3 bn to India for bank recap – The Financial Express).

Crumbs coming your way …

The US is throwing a few bones, our way, to keep us quiet. While they continue the flooding the world with these depreciating pieces of paper. India is losing 10% of its foreign currency reserves every year due to dollar devaluation. What we are getting from the IMF/WB duo is just 1% of this as debt.

And we have a few preening bureaucrats who think this calls for some self-congratulaions!

US-UK playing good-cop-bad-cop routine with India

January 17, 2009 2 comments
Is this how you deal with Pakistan? (Cartoon by Dan Piraro; cartoon source and courtesy Click for larger image.

Is this how you deal with Pakistan? (Cartoon by Dan Piraro; cartoon source and courtesy Click for larger image.

Mr Miliband, a root cause theorist, had on Thursday come out with a reality-challenged position that a resolution of Kashmir issue will end terror in India.

“When there is a terror attack in UK, do they believe that root cause lies in Northern Island or in their own policies. Why are they going for the root cause in India? The Mumbai attacks have no links to Kashmir,” Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi told reporters.

Although the Congress spokesman steered clear of explaining that real cause of terror, Mr Miliband’s country has, for the past seven years, been maintaining that the world is experiencing transnational terror unleashed by those nurturing transnational grievances. (via No one roots for Miliband’s root-cause theory- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times).

Two step tango

A patronizing Milliband made a visit and made a few remarks which must have gladdened a few jihadi hearts. Condoleeza Rice came a few weeks ago and made some remarks which have made a few jihadi hearts go black with rage.

This is a good ‘ole’ good-cop-bad-cop routine. India and Pakistan would be dumb to fall for this. Kashmiris first paid a price for Britain’s imperial designs. Now, this time, will Kashmiri-Indians pay a price, all over again, for all these US policy failures?

Lets us not fall for this dumb games ...

Lets us not fall for this dumb games ...

We should stop wasting time in engaging with these terminally declining societies. We must get up and get going.

Little choice there.

Why India’s education system is losing out…

January 17, 2009 2 comments

In 2007-08, India sent over 94,500 students to American universities. They accounted for 15 per cent of the total international students’ population in the United States. Experts believe that in a year or two, India would lose the number one position, it has held for the last seven years, to China.

Indian students spent about $2.36 billion, or Rs 11,800 crore (Rs 118 billion) at today’s exchange rate, on their education in American universities … many students from India may have gone to study at these universities after obtaining scholarships … If that is the case for Indian students also, then the total spend by Indian students from their own pockets would be about Rs 7,300 crore (Rs 73 billion). (via Why India’s education system is losing out….).

This article then goes onto how India could sharpen its edge to remain the ‘top’ supplier of ready made talent to the USA – and pay for that privilege. It talks about the poor state of Indian education system – without once mentioing about the exclusion of large masses of people on the basis of language.

Only English speaking people allowed into Indian higher education system!!

UK paedophile may walk free-The Times of India

January 17, 2009 2 comments
Vatican opposes abortion for a steady supply of targets?

Vatican opposes abortion for a steady supply of targets?

A 62-year-old British national, who was arrested by the UK police on charges of sexually abusing several boys of a boarding school in Chennai over three years from September 2003, is likely to walk free in a fortnight because of a year-long delay on the part of Indian authorities in assisting the probe. (via UK paedophile may walk free-Chennai-Cities-The Times of India).

The do-good industry

An Australian do-gooder was arrested for sexually assaulting children of an orphanage in Puri. Powel Allen, an eye surgeon employed with the orphanage for the past four years, was arrested in Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). Sometime back, two other orphanage administrators, and alleged pedophiles, Duncan Grant and Allan John Waters were convicted (their conviction is now under appeal-review).

Further back, Wilhelm and Lile Marti, a Swiss couple, again in the do-good industry, were granted bail in a paedophilia case. After bail, they promptly fled India.

Do we really need these do-gooders?

Mother Teresa, another do-gooder raised hundreds of crores in the name of Kolkatta’s poor, A few hundreds of the Kolkatta’s poor benefited from that money. But many missionaries rode on the backs of these poor Kolkattans, raising even more money. The PR machine of the Vatican has done a great job on this scam.

Even if India cant take care of its poor, we don’t need these do-gooders!

Away!! Begone!

Should we say, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan!!’

They have problems at home

Spain has 400,000 prostitutes (for a population of 40 million) who ‘attract’ 15,00,000 clients every day. Some state the Spanish social system is in! Britain has 10,000 Muslim prisoners out 16,00,000 British Muslims . Quite a number of prisoners to have!

And these very countries had the temerity to ‘donate’ Indian NGOs a humungous US$3 billion (nearly) last year.

May I suggest?

Keep your money and keep your do gooders at home. Your need is greater than ours.

Mass privatisation in Communist bloc led to surge in male deaths – Yahoo! News

January 17, 2009 4 comments

Former Eastern Bloc countries that swiftly and massively privatised their state assets in the early 1990s, leading to a surge in unemployment, unleashed a wave of death among men … The consequences hold stark lessons for China, India and other countries mulling reforms of their state sector, according to the study published by The Lancet.

Between 1991 and 1994, male deaths in Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, where intense, fast-track privatisation took place, rose 42 percent, coinciding with a 305-percent increase in unemployment, its authors say.

They found that swift, massive privatisation of assets was generally correlated with a lightning rise in unemployment and a sharp increase in mortality among men aged 15-59. (via Mass privatisation in Communist bloc led to surge in male deaths – Yahoo! News).

This was the ‘secret’ behind Anglo Saxon wealth – the methodology of genocide of Native Americans and Aborigines.Australia, Canada and USA were amongst the largest producers of gold – in the last 200 years. These large countries funded the Wars of colonization and and the colonies were exploited to fund this genocide.

A point in example was the Indian War of 1857 against British colonizers. The Indian alliance did not have the ‘loot’ and the ‘resources’ that the British had – from the Caribbean colonies, from the Opium trade, or the licensed naval piracy by the British Crown.

In 1492, when Columbus landed in the West Indies, the native American population was 3 million (in the what is currently USA) and more than 10 million in the Americas – and they spoke a 600 languages. 300 years later, they had become tourist attractions. The British and the independent Americans were equally brutal with the Red Indians.

During the French and Indian Wars, Britain waged a biological warfare against the Red Indians by distributing small pox infected blankets to Red Indians. 70 years later, Andrew Jackson delayed (some say withheld) small pox medical supplies and vaccines from Red Indians. Treaty after treaty was made with Red Indians – which were broken time and again. And the man leading this campaign – George Washington The Great himself.

Indians later referred to Washington by the nickname “Town Destroyer,” for it was under his direct orders that at least 28 out of 30 Seneca towns from Lake Erie to the Mohawk River had been totally obliterated in a period of less than five years, as had all the towns and villages of the Mohawk, the Onondaga, and the Cayuga. As one of the Iroquois told Washington to his face in 1792: “to this day, when that name is heard, our women look behind them and turn pale, and our children cling close to the necks of their mothers.”

The White man coveted everything that the Red Indian had – but mostly, his life. This “land of the free” by all possible (and some impossible) means was soon made land free of the “natives and savages”. The vast prairie lands were expropriated – and the Cherokee Indians were marched out by the US army.

This march, Trail Of Tears, signalled the break of treaty by white Anglo Saxons. Land West of the Mississippi were to belong to the Eastern Indians ‘in perpetuity.’ The Red Indians resisted removal and forcible transfers. Their resistance was brutally crushed.

The entire Anglo Saxon race was against the very existence of the native Red Indian. The British Colonialists and the White Anglo Saxon settlers continued a scorched earth policy in their genocidal campaign.

Just like Romani Gypsy and Australian aboriginal children were taken away from their parents, Red Indian children were also removed. In different continents, at different times, similar tactics were used by Europeans and the Anglo Saxons in the colonies.

Next target – maybe the Islamic Middle East?

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