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Recession-hit Japan turns to Indian IT cos – The Economic Times

Traditionally, Japanese firms outsource such contracts to companies within the country, and the rest to China and Korea. However, this is set to change in favour of India, according to IT industry experts that ET spoke to.

“Most of the Japanese companies have been doing smaller, project-based outsourcing to China and elsewhere. If they want to lower their costs by $100-200 million over the next few years, they will have to look at India,” says a Japan-based outsourcing consultant, who did not wish to be named as he advises Japanese firms on outsourcing decisions. (via Recession-hit Japan turns to Indian IT cos- ITeS-Infotech-The Economic Times).

Rich targettng the poor

Rich targettng the poor

The Great Indian Software success is actually also our biggest failure. Estimates vary, but India derives between 70%-80% of its software business from just two countries – the US and UK. Indian software exports are currently in the region of US$50 billion. Like an earlier post pointed out, the lack of language skills has stopped Indians from exploiting the Japanese oportunity. This includes the software business. Same story in Europe also – major opportunities overlooked and ignored.

This is also true of other business opportunities also. Our ‘success’ with English blinds us to the bigger and larger opportunities that stare at us. And the first thing that we need to do is to diversify our language basket. But with our bankruptcy of ideas on restructuring Indian education system or the vested interest banging begging bowls in front of the Indian tax payer!

The new procedure for supporting Indian languages after giving them classical language status is not meaningless?

Or has India decided to tie its future to the sinking ship of the Anglo Saxon Bloc?

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