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Independent of the West – India has the best chance

India is actually very well-positioned for the new post-US consumption world. We are a large economy with very little dependence on exports. Consumption is about 65 per cent of the economy, our demographics suggest it will remain strong. Our banking system is solvent. Capital investment will lead to huge productivity gains. We have good entrepreneurs and as the government share of the economy falls, there are huge growth opportunities in the domestic market. We do not need a growth model change like in China, which has to move away from exports/capital investment and towards consumption as its growth driver.

India is unique in that our fate lies to a large extent in our own hands. There is enough slack in the system that good policy can make a huge difference to productivity and growth. If we deliver economic reform and strong economic policymaking, we can grow rapidly and attract investor attention. We are not as dependent on a US bail-out or recovery as most of Asia. We have a better chance of being able to grow independent of the West than any other country in Asia.

We once again have a chance to really stand out and differentiate ourselves. Will we take this opportunity? (via Akash Prakash: Crunch time).

Like Quicktake and 2ndlook have always been saying, India is uniquely and strongly positioned to make a difference – to India and the World. In that order. What stops us is our Westernized subservient, English speaking elite – and their lack of imagination!

And till such time that that they are not taken care of , they will hobble and retard us! Maybe the British should have taken away these Brown Sahibs! I think we can still do a clearance sale!! We should outsource them away and give these Brown Sahibs away with a dowry!

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