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Cracking the Japanese software outsourcing market

Japan’s IT services market is expected to be around $108 billion. Close to 76 per cent of the outsourcing work has been going to China, with the rest being divided among countries like India, Vietnam, Philippines, etc, say analysts. (via Patni cracks Japanese outsourcing mkt).

What is India missing out on …

Between 70%-80% of Indian software business comes from two countries – USA and UK. English speaking countries – both of them. Total software business to these two countries is about US$35-40 billion – out of total Indian software exports of US$50 billion. UK alone contributes nearly 60% of total EU software business to India.

India is losing business opportunities due to loyalty to The Great British Gift To India – English Language. We cant do business with the French or Germans, Spanish or the Arabic speaking world. The Chinese and Japanese are out of bounds to us – as are the Swahili and the Bantu.

In the past few years …

Like an earlier post pointed out, the lack of language skills has stopped Indians from exploiting the Japanese oportunity. This includes the software business. Same story in Europe also – major opportunities overlooked and ignored.

This is also true of other business opportunities also. Our ‘success’ with English blinds us to the bigger and larger opportunities that stare at us. And the first thing that we need to do is to diversify our language basket. But with our bankruptcy of ideas on restructuring Indian education system or the vested interest banging begging bowls in front of the Indian tax payer!

The new procedure for supporting Indian languages after giving them classical language status is not meaningless?

India missed out on Japanese investments, technology and business – due to a well-cultivated tunnel vision about English language (amongst many other things). Indian loyalty to English language exceeds the loyalty of the British themselves to their language – and we refuse to see how this affects us.

Blow up tax payers money

Blow up tax payer’s money

Billing address

All the talk in dominant Indian-English media is addressing the problem of the English speaking elite. They don’t even pretend to address the problem of non-English speaking students.

However, they do expect, the Indian tax payer to subsidize the education of a privileged few.

What India needs …

India should set up 7 specialized universities. One for Chinese and Japanese studies. Another university needs to focus on Franco-German language skills. A third must devote itself to creating a centre of excellence in Swahili and Bantu. A fourth must address the Spanish and Portuguese language markets. The fifth must address the SE Asian languages of Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. A sixth university must address the Russian and Slavic languages. Last and definitely, not the least, the seventh university must create a core of qualified and skilled people using Persian and Arabic languages.

This is, of course, apart from Indian language universities.

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