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Addu, Chiddu and Manu – Bankrupt all …

“I have told the PM several times that it would be so nice that like in foreign countries (US presidential debate), we should also have a debate. Instead of a BJP public meeting, the Election Commission could organise a meeting (for the debate),” Party’s prime ministerial candidate Advani told an election rally. (via Now, Advani asks Sonia Gandhi for a debate- Hindustan Times).

Advani wants US style debates

Advani wants US style debates

All good ideas are foreign ideas …

Advani is enamored with the idea of having debates – “like in foreign countries.” I mean how much more juvenile can Advani get? And the Congress reaction – no better! “In parliamentary democracy such debates do not take place. It is only in the Presidential system…” a very superior sounding Congress Party spokesman Anand Sharma informed reporters in New Delhi.

Same logic, same ideological bankruptcy!

Just because the US has live debates, does it make the idea more attractive, Mr.Advani? If the UK does not have debates, does it disqualify the idea, Sir Anand Sharma?

The big moneybags call the shots

In both the Congress and the BJP. So, any belief that either one is any different, is all wrong. They are more or less – of the same bankrupt ideas and agenda.

Bankrupt Congress Culture

Bankrupt Congress Culture

Shallow thinking

Both have the same limitation in the thinking – set by external agenda and vocabulary. The difference is language. Congress swears by India (a Roman name of Bharata-ah) and BJP swears by Hindustan and Hindutva (a Levantine name for Bharata-ah). Both miss out on the Bharati nature of people.

No talk of Third currency

Neither (the Congress or the BJP) has the imagination or the strategic depth to think out of the Western box. They are all trying out the same tired Western cliches of IMF and World Bank reform – which is going nowhere. It is the IMF and World Bank which keep the Third World poor and backward.

India’s Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Star PM aspirant …

Sometime back Chiddu came back saying that he wanted to end 5000 years of poverty! Supposedly India’s star finance minister, and a Government headed by an ex-RBI governor, says this! As though that was not enough, he now says, “

“Unless the developed world puts together a well-regulated financial system and revives its financial institutions, the shadow of failure of the western world’s financial system will fall upon all developing countries,” Chidambaram said.

Why will the developed world do anything that will benefit India! It is not their duty, their job – and they are not even capable.

It is your job, Addu, Manu and Chiddu! Get up and get going!


  1. galeo rhinus
    March 31, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    ah – cherry picking…

    …very nice… English parliamentary democracy is a good idea – but america style debates are western…

    I see a pattern… anything western that India has already accepted – is fine… let’s not accept anything new from the west?

    Is that the logic – because I don’t get it.

    I can understand a patient criticism of western ideas that have now permeated Indian polity and then a refrain on how this particular aspect is bad… but cherry picking? c’mon…

    A ludicrous rant – IMO.

  2. April 1, 2009 at 7:14 am

    Parag – I think you should read the post again.

    I am NOT supporting the debate or rejecting the idea of the debate at all.

    If you do (puh-leeze) read it again, it might become clearer that what I am against is the acceptance /rejection of ideas based on place of origin.

    Advani is promoting an idea because it comes from ‘foreign’ – which is just as bad as Congress rejecting it, because it does not meet ‘foreign’ (British) parliamentary norms.

    You standards are slipping Mr.Tope! And what is worse … Your slip shows!!

  3. galeo rhinus
    April 1, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Ah – sorry I forgot that Advaniji personally told you…:-)

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