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Buffett could buy North Korea as gift for Obama – William Pesek

You are too big in your fantasies, Mr.Pesek!

You are too big in your fantasies, Mr.Pesek!

It’s tempting to fantasise about Buffett just buying the place. He has given away tens of billions of dollars. Imagine the good that could come from buying out the Kims and giving North Korea to Obama. It will never happen, of course, but one can dream of a Buffettland above the 38th parallel.

Hermit kingdom

Yet that really does put things in perspective. The second-wealthiest man in the world could buy Kim’s Hermit Kingdom and still have enough for Mongolia and Namibia, too. And here you have this nation that could easily be purchased by a single US investor essentially holding entire parts of Asia hostage. (via William Pesek: Buffett could buy North Korea as gift for Obama).

A little over a century ago,

It was such thinking that led to the ‘sale’ of Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico by Spain to the USA. After the purchase, came a century of pain in Cuba, many hundreds of thousands of lives lost in Philippines and the forcible accession of Puerto Rico into the US. Before that the Berlin Conference, sparked of the scramble for Africa.

Rome & India

Around 50 BC, fresh after crucifying some 8000-10,00 slaves on the Via Appia, Crassus decided to come India. The richest man in Rome, Crassus dreamt of conquering India, what Alexander could not do. Suren, the Indo-Parthian General from Gandhara, sent him back – with molten gold down his throat.

So, Billy boy, pride goes before the fall. As for you hubris … beware!

Earlier Empires

Spain’s national industry today is prostitution. Britain is floating on the sewage of the Bretton Woods bilge! After the multi-trillion dollar bailout, which has just begun, and with more than US$4 trillion with China, Japan, Russia and India, neither is the outcome certain nor is the outlook bright.

You may be very surprised when (and not if) other reserve currencies come into play. A tripolar-currency system will unwind Warren Buffet’s wealth faster than Kim Il Jong’s dictatorship!

Before you tyalk about buying other countries … just check out your pockets, Billy boy.

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