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Islamic group gets online video game removed – USATODAY.com

Gamers Hell

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An influential Islamic group branded an online video game depicting religious figures fighting each other as offensive to Muslims and Christians and successfully demanded Tuesday that it be taken offline.

In the game Faith Fighter, caricatures of Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, God and the Hindu god Ganesh fight each other against a backdrop of burning buildings. God attacks with bolts of lighting and pillars of fire while the turbaned Muhammad can summon a burning black meteorite. (via Islamic group gets online video game removed – USATODAY.com).

I grew up on a staple diet of these jokes – and I thought it was all harmless fun. But, then in India, jokes remain, just that – as jokes. They don’t become stereotypes, or attempts at demonization.

Australian online game encourages children to kill Muslims

But sometime back when a violent game targetted Muslims, the same religious leaders did not see the need to do anything about  – at least that I know of!

A free online game wherein a player has to kill as many Muslims as possible has sparked an uproar in Australia, with members of the community accusing the government and police of double standards in their efforts to stop the game.

Islamic Friendship Association’s president Keysar Trad wrote to the Attorney-General Robert McClelland expressing outrage over the game — ‘Muslim Massacre’– saying it teaches young people to “further hate Muslims” and encourages them to carry out “acts of discrimination, vilification or outright violence against Australian Muslims”. (from DNA – World – Online game sparks outrage among Muslims – Daily News & Analysis).

And this aint the lowest …

Things will get worse – and I am not sure when they will get better.

The West can speak from both sides of the mouth – tell Indians to respect foreign missionaries who want to convert Indians to their religion – and the West can continue with this demonization of Islam.

This is freedom – from both sides. For the West.

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    May 17, 2009 at 10:39 am

    DotA is the best game eva !!!!!!!

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