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US panel on religious freedom to visit India

The ‘2008 Status of Religious Freedom’ report has placed 12 States including China, Pakistan, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia as countries of particular concern.

“Concerning India, the Commission is not releasing its chapter today,” Tala Eid, USCIRF Commissioner told reporters on Friday on the occasion of release of the annual report. Eid is the first Muslim cleric appointed to the USCIRF.

“The Commission is planning to travel to India next month for the first time, which will give us the opportunity to gain perspective on the government’s response to communal violence that occurred in Orissa, Gujarat and elsewhere, as well as the ways in which India, the world’s largest democracy, endeavours to respect and to promote religious freedom,” Eid said. “The Commission looks forward to meeting with senior Indian government officials, representatives of India’s diverse religious communities and members of civil society,” Eid said.

Consequently, the Commission will release the chapter on India during this summer. “If, for any reason, the travel does not occur, we will move ahead and release the chapter,” he said. (via US panel on religious freedom to visit India).

How brazen can you get …

Over a hundred years between 1750-1850, more than 10-20 million Africans were brought as captives – and sold in the US to be used as forced slave labour. Slave markets and trade in slaves was abolished after many revolutions and revolts by the slaves.

For a hundred years after the US Civil War, the African American Americans were discriminated, segregated, disenfranchised, imprisoned – and now the US wants to come to India to examine Indian record against minorities? This is new level of brazenness.

The West with the lowest levels of ethnic diversity, now wants to preach to India – with the highest levels of ethnic and religious diversity!

Any one who wants to come to India – and issue propaganda or ‘factual’ reports should be allowed. That is does not behove a response from India.

But a legislative body? Like the US Congress! They have no business to come to India and ‘inspect’ India! Especially, when it comes from a country with about the worst records in ethnic diversity and tolerance.

  1. galeo rhinus
    May 12, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    actually no… in the paradigm of progressive liberalism (and christianity) – the US can claim to have “cleansed” itself.

    What the US claims is that we are in fact in a better position to preach the world, because we have been there done that…

    …your obvious anger notwithstanding – these arguments go on deaf ears.

    You can never appeal to progressive liberals using this argument – and the ones who will agree – already understand the ridiculousness in this.

  2. May 13, 2009 at 5:30 am

    I like this thinking … awesome …

    You have made this ‘Progressive Liberalism’ into a entire behaviour pattern – which is not covered or studied.

    This explanation is “too good to be true” …

  3. galeo rhinus
    May 13, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    that I what I think the asura’s were “progressive-liberals” who were able to create sustained ponzi schemes… sustained – meaning for prolonged periods.

    slavery and economic exploitation were the symptoms of this polity… because “progressivism” always defers change for the future – thus preventing immediate challenges.

    …modern interpretations of democracy – in essence – do the same… create an “illusion” of power… the ultimate mayajaal 🙂

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