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EU scraps ban on ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables – The Times of India

These potatoes didnt know EU rules ...

These potatoes didn't know EU rules ...

Europe ends a two-decade ban on wonky fruit and vegetables on Wednesday by scrapping standards that keep misshapen mushrooms and curvy cucumbers out of supermarkets.

The European Union said dropping rules that only allow beautiful-looking produce to hit shop shelves would reduce waste and allow farmers sell more of their crop. (via EU scraps ban on ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables – International Business – Business – The Times of India).

Shameless vegetables?

Shameless vegetables?

Earlier in November, newspapers reported that,

Based on a proposal by the European Commission, EU member-states voted to repeal specific marketing standards for 26 types of fruit and vegetables, including asparagus, cucumbers, carrots, cherries, melons and onions. The standards, introduced more than 20 years ago, have been derided by critics as proof of EU’s madness to regulate everything, under which a Class 1 green asparagus must be green for 80 per cent of its length, Class 1 cucumbers should not be bent by a curve of more than 10 millimetres per 10 centimetres, and a string of onions must have 16 onions to qualify.

Forked carrots, onions that are less than two thirds covered with skin and the over bent cucumbers have been excluded from supermarket shelves. Now, the rules governing the size and shape of fruit and vegetables will be consigned to history.

EU wants bananas and cucumbers to follow rules

EU wants bananas and cucumbers to follow 'rules'

To those who think that this over-regulation is a ‘modern’ phenomenon, must look at the Desert Bloc history of nearly 2500 years. During this period, the cornerstones of ‘modern’ societies (based on older religions) from the Desert Bloc are One God, One Book, One Holy Day, One Prophet (Messiah), One Race, One People, One Country, One Authority, One Law, One Currency, One Set of Festivals, et al.

From this Oneness, we get the One Currency, One Language logic  – a fallacious syllogism. Once you accept One, you will accept all others, including ideas like one shape of vegetables. This quest of ‘oneness’ is the root of most problems in the world.

And when you see ‘modern’ law-makers spending time, on making bananas obey their rules, about shape and curvature, you know where this comes from!

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