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Pakistan on Frontier of Fight Against Terrorism – Asif Ali Zardari – washingtonpost.com

The West, most notably the United States, has been all too willing to dance with dictators in pursuit of perceived short-term goals. The litany of these policies and their consequences clutter the earth, from the Marcos regime in the Philippines, to the Shah in Iran, to Mohammed Zia ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan. Invariably, each case has proved that myopic strategies that sacrifice principle lead to unanticipated long-term consequences. (via Asif Ali Zardari – Pakistan on Frontier of Fight Against Terrorism – washingtonpost.com).

Congress demonizes ... Paranoid Pakistan

Congress demonizes ... Paranoid Pakistan

December 17, 2007

More than 18 months ago, the 2ndlook blog, traced the source of all terror in the modern world to the very door-step of the US of A.

In today’s world, behind all terror you will similarly see another baleful influence. No, it is not Osama bin Laden. The source of modern terrorism is the USA. (Decemeber 17th 2007 – from Behind The Web Of Terror).

October 6, 2008

The 2ndlook blog did a Quicktake on the commendable, new Pakistani attitude – best represented by Asif Ali Zardari.

Zardari’s vision (first time, during an interview on Times Now), was for a Pakistan which would serve as a facilitator for good Indo-China relations on one hand – and a Pakistan that is ‘lucky’ to share common borders with the world’s two emerging economies – India and China.

This is the kind of vision that India-China and Pakistan must share and work with. Of course, India needs to be motivated by these statements on one side! On the other India must keep consolidating gains at each step. We cannot let paranoia come between us – and blind faith in human goodwill, blind us to realities of Pakistani politics.

After all, Musharraf did a Kargil after the Lahore Accord – and Zardari questioned the validity of a signed agreement. (from A New Beginning! by 2ndlook).

We must take up Zardari’s offer

Zardari’s most valuable statement is an echo of Indic values was made to Pakistani bureaucrats, For power to be effectively used for long lasting public good, it must be dispersed as widely as possible”. It is America and Britain which created the border problems, funded and armed these countries and stoked the rivalries

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