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The de-hyphenation of India-Pakistan

Can India jettison colonial detritus, get over Pakistan Fixation – and manage the Chinese relationship.

India without hubris ... ?

India without hubris … ?

I don’t agree with this Af-Pak solution at all because we are being bracketed with Afghanistan. Afghanistan hardly has any governance, it is out of control. And also, there is extremism within India among the Muslim youth and it is developing linkages with others — the Kashmir issue too. Therefore, if we want to finally deal with terrorism and extremism and solve it in its short-term and long-term perspective, we have to look at events in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I am totally against this Af-Pak strategy. (via ‘Kashmir solution can reduce extremism in Pak society’).

Pleasures of growing up

A few decades earlier, India-Pakistan sporting encounters were most awaited by sports enthusiasts. India-Pakistan cricket now comes lower down – and the position has been taken up India-Australia cricket series. Now Pakistan is asking David Morgan, from the ICC to ‘intervene’ and“to convince the BCCI to play a series in England” against Pakistan.

In the 60s-80s, Indian business publications, Indian bureaucracy indexed themselves with Pakistan. Sensex, the Indian stock index was then compared with the Karachi index.

Comparison now is with global markets – and the US.

The Indian growth story © Copyright 2008  Angel Boligan - All Rights Reserved.

The Indian growth story © Copyright 2008 Angel Boligan – All Rights Reserved.

Then and now

The Indian economy is now compared with the Chinese economy, ASEAN, EU and the US economies. The Indian film industry, compares itself with Hollywood – unfortunately, in terms of becoming a Hollywood clone. India must now work to jettison some colonial detritus, its diplomacy must get over its Pakistan Fixation – and manage the Chinese relationship.

There are two aspects of this ‘development that has not fully dawned on Indians, which needs greater introspection in India.

One is the ‘Western clone’ status – which, for instance, is what some ‘leading lights’ of the Indian film industry want to be.

Second is the danger of becoming an arrivista‘ – the danger of hubris.

Hard landing for Pakistan

Obviously, this growing up is something that has dawned on Pakistan – as a ‘hard imprint’ rather than a ‘soft copy’. Fancying themselves as an equal till a few decades ago, Pakistan had to endure a hard landing.

And this hard landing is Musharraf’s real problem – as this interview reveals.


  1. Galeo Rhinus
    August 15, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    There’s an asymmetry between India and pakistan.

    Pakistan’s existence is defined based on the hyphenation with India… once that hyphenation disappears – Pakistan might live on as a state – but as a nation it would have lost its meaning.

    India as an ancient nation – on the other hand – views Pakistan as a spoilt younger sibling.

    While India does not need to be fixated on Pakistan – India should continue to work towards the goal of merging the Punjab and Sindh back into India.

  2. Web Development Pakistan
    October 17, 2009 at 8:38 am

    it is really interesting !!! thankx for sharing …..

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