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The ‘Stupidity’ of election fraud in poor countries

In the last few months, we’ve witnessed elections in Zimbabwe, Iran, and now Afghanistan, and in each case the heavy-handedness on display has been staggering. Can’t these people at least show a little finesse when they’re practicing ballot-box fraud? (via The Unbearable Stupidity of Authoritarianism – Erik Tarloff).

Zimbabwe et al are known cases

Western media, Erik has done enough to ‘showcase’ Zimbabwe – amongst others, which you highlight, with so much relish, in your post (linked above). Though, I wonder why you don’t, in the same breadth, compare the continuing frauds in your home country. Is it that election fraud in the US is more ‘intelligent.’

The Brooks Brothers Riots

The 'Brooks Brothers' Riots

How about the US

The disenfranchisement laws in the US are, if any comparison is required, more unfair, have been running longer and engender greater injustice. How about a ‘fair’ comparison!

The disenfranchisement laws came into effect by the 1890’s – that continue till today. This ensured that a disproportionate number of African-Americans could not vote. After some 60,000 African American Voters were disenfranchised, George Bush technically, won by less than 1000 votes (most of the disenfranchised voters were expected to vote against George Bush). And George Bush became the President of the USA for the second time. Or would you like to talk about the hoods and goons in the ‘Brooks Brothers Riots’ – employed by the Republican Party!

If this post, fills your need to feel superior, find better targets. At least, your equals! Why pick on poor Zimbabwe!

If your quarrel is ‘finesse’, I wont join in the debate.

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