Climate change – How India is falling for propaganda

Polluter cleans ... and Pollutor pays and gets away

Polluter cleans ... and Pollutor pays and gets away

I have been surprised by the number of reasonable Indians who have come to accept the proposition, advanced by equally reasonable but perhaps nationalistically-motivated Americans, that the acceptance of internationally-mandated restrictions on carbon emissions by India is in its own national interest. Some have even come to argue that India should actively seek a climate change treaty at the Copenhagen conference in December 2009.

If the big and largely rich emitters of today were to take mitigation in the immediate future seriously, they could achieve emission cuts commensurate with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) without denying the poor in India (and Africa) the prospects of a humane existence. With abject poverty eliminated and electricity and water provided to all, India could join the mitigation effort by 2040. (via India and climate change talks).

Acquisitive Indian CompaniesAcquisitive Indian companies making US nervous?

What if

The entire global warming debate is just a facade to keep up demand for oil from India and China. The opposition to coal fired power plants is to stop India and China from reducing the growth in oil consumption.

After all practically all of British GDP today is declining North Sea oil and British Petroleum. Apart from Chinese money, the other source of liquidity, which keeps the US afloat is petro-dollars. And, remember, US future is so closely linked to Arctic oil. If India and China were to reduce their reliance on oil, leading to a price collapse, the biggest losers will be the Anglo Saxon bloc.

Makes one think!

Indias pharma exports
India’s pharma exports

Three things…

First, many of the regulatory bodies are actually a US-Euro Club – to fool the world, with token actions and steps to demonstrate inclusion and fairness to the developing world.

And second, these token actions divert the attention of the developing world. For instance, World Bank list of banned entities were significantly, from two sectors – Software and Pharma. These are the two sectors where the US still has a lead – and the Indians are its biggest challengers. Generic pharma firms from India have become world beaters – and the Indian software companies have built up US$50 billion a year business, in less than 10 years. These 50 billion dollars have come out of (arguably) US pockets.

At least, the actions against Wipro and Nestor Pharma were pathetic excuses to ban a business – and no third party arbiter will uphold these actions.

Third, on January 9, Standard & Poor’s announced that Greece, Spain and Ireland were on review for a possible downgrade, indicating that a Euro-zone country could default. The cost of the US bailout is likely to exceed US$3 trillion. Current US budget deficit is likely to break all records and estimates.

Indians cows can generate electricity - Australian Cartoonist Researcher

Not so long ago …

In 1999, an employee of an auto-components manufacturer, Autolite, was arrested in France for trademarks and copyright infringement – based on a complaint by the car manufacturer PSA Puegeot Citroen. The French police, on similar complaints, arrested two other nationals, a Belgian and a Taiwanese woman also.

The Belgian was of course granted bail – and the Indian and the Taiwanese were denied bail ‘The lawyers representing the Indian businessman offerred to deposit his passport and the sum of 100,000 French Francs claimed by Peugeot in the custody of the court as bailbond, pending the trial of the case on November 12′.

French court procedures took nearly 1 month and the Indian executive was finally granted bail after being in prison for 1 month. After two years of appeals and expensive litigation, the complaint was found to be without any merit – and dismissed.

When the North Pole greens over

When the North Pole greens over

More recently …

A shipment of medicines destined for Brazil, from India, was detained at Rotterdam. The Dutch Customs used a complaint from a local Dutch company, to detain this shipment, based on local patent laws. After a few months of ‘negotiations’, the shipment was sent back to India. An expert writes, what

‘EU is doing is using Council Regulation (EC) No. 1383/2003 to impound drugs that are suspected of violating patents registered in member-countries even if these are simply in transit. The regulations permit customs to hold these goods for a minimum of 10 working days while informing the patent holder of the seizure. The patent holder then applies to a civil court to initiate legal proceedings in order to prove that infringement has taken place.’

Whats the Quicktake

These seem like offensive actions from the EU and the US – to undermine their competitors and to bolster Euro-US businesses. It makes me doubt the Satyam saga. To carry the conspiracy theory thread forward, was there a Merrill Lynch-Ramlinga Raju ‘deal’?

demmed Indian cows

'demmed' Indian cows

Modern day protectionism, huh?

This also furthers the importance of having non-Western bodies, which are sponsored by the Third World, which will regulate and govern international laws. To depend on the West, is to further dig the hole that the Third World finds itself in.

And in case you forget, remember that for some time Indian cows were blamed for global warming!

  1. dd
    November 30, 2010 at 8:31 am

    Is posting still open?

    “The entire global warming debate is just a facade”

    Even if we suppose that global warming is taking place, it would be a GOOD thing.
    An Ice age is very very bad news for man kind and the last ice-age was just 18000 years ago not long by cosmic standards. It may be the global warming done by humans that is keeping the next ice age away.

    We can convert extra heat of global warming into air conditioning. But we will have to spend an enormous amount on energy to heat up a ice-age covered earth.

    Do yo have any article on abolishing patents? I am for copyright or trademarks but entirely against patents. I think patents harm the world. It stifles innovation.

  2. samadhyayi
    December 1, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    rajiv bhai ki mrutyu ho gayi hai.
    bharat ke priya putra rajiv dixit ki mrutyu ho gayi.

  3. A fan of your blog
    December 1, 2010 at 7:02 pm


    What is the indicator that we may be going back to the Ice Age, if not for global warming?

    Also, by stating that we need global warming to keep us from going back to the Ice Age, you are confirming that global warming is indeed real. 🙂

  4. dd
    December 13, 2010 at 11:01 am

    “Also, by stating that we need global warming to keep us from going back to the Ice Age, you are confirming that global warming is indeed real.”

    Ok. So if I say we need something, it becomes real? I don’t get that logic.

    Suppose I say we need UFOs, extra terrestrial intelligence, santa claus. Will my saying that we need them, make it real? Duh?

    “Even if we suppose that global warming is taking place”

    The key word here is *suppose*. I don’t think global warming is taking place one way or the other. A single large scale volcanic eruption or a KT impact is a lot more disruptive to earth’s life than whatever mankind can do. It is mankind’s vanity to think that it is important and can affect earth in a significant way.

    Though I do think we are pissing in our own nest with a lot of pollution, but that is because of technology not because of human population. The more technology we have the more we are going to pollute. US though a lot less populous is a lot more polluting than India because it is much more dependent on technology. Though they will love to dictate how much we can or cannot pollute.

  5. dd
    December 22, 2010 at 1:11 am

    “What is the indicator that we may be going back to the Ice Age”

    We can take stories like this as an indicator.

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