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Some want the British Raj back …

September 1, 2009 17 comments

We, in India, don’t wish to become a clone.
Any one’s!

The two kinds of NRIs ...

The two kinds of NRIs

Many centuries ago, a few foreign rulers (the Khiljis and Tughlaks) tried making India into a Persian-Turkic clone. They failed – miserably.

Then the English East India Company tried – and it got them the War of 1857. Queen Victoria tried – and it got her 90 years of violence, hartals, dharnas, strikes, et al.

All in all – a bad idea.

Who did this

The first thing that I did after reading this post below was to read the name of the author. To my horror, it was one Anand Giridhardas (AG).

I wonder what kind of education AG has had. Even if it was a lop-sided, ‘Anglo-Saxon is best’ kinda-American education, did he ever try and get his bearings right?

Is this what his history lessons were?

When empires wane, they live on, as the political scientist David Singh Grewal has argued, by embedding their values, systems and standards in a presumptive heir, as ancient Greece did through Rome and as Britain has done through the United States. Should it falter in due course, might America achieve the same through India — the preservation at least of the American idea and way of life?

That is implied in a cherished vision here — that if India does become as dynamic and powerful as China, then democracy, multiculturalism and the rule of law will continue to have a forceful champion, with or without America. (via India Has a Soft Spot for Bush –

I don’t know which part of the world AG comes from – but most NRIs, I know are rather touchy about their children getting to know something about India. One NRI father, I know, has decided that his daughter will be self taught – and not learn history, as it is taught in American schools.

But AG does not seem to have had that advantage.

Tracing the source of this nullah

I would be skeptical, of taking any kind of lessons (history or otherwise) from any who goes by the name of David Singh Grewal (DSG). The name itself is evidence of a badly mixed up  mind (Note – Please see DSG’s comments below on his name) – which in bambaiyya language is called maraa-maree – a concoction of some fresh juices that cover up some stale or leftover juices.

AG’s guru, David (I am assuming, it is the same David Singh Grewal) says in another place

To be part of a particular global network, you have to adopt the underlying standard. This might mean learning to speak English, … or dressing in a suit and tie for a business meeting. If you do these things already – or if you are willing and able to change your behaviour now – the world may very well look flat. But if you don’t or can’t, you won’t see a level playing field at all; you’ll see distant fields on which others play. (ellipsis mine).

I am impressed. Such advice was earlier given free. But Bhai Dave ( In case he doesn’t want me to call him Bhai, I can call him Uncle Tom) seems to be making a living by charging money for handing out this maraa-maree – and couching it in good English and jargon. Such an activity is covered in the Indian Penal Code under Article 420!

Desi reactions to Western perceptions

Desi reactions to Western ‘perceptions’

The danger of taking lessons from any Punjabi /Saradarji who goes by the name of David is that they will never realize that India will make a bad clone.

Indian or an American

I have a question.

Is this the kind of wish that AG has for India (or any other country)? To be an Anglo-American clone?

I am unsure about quality of AG’s ideas or AG’s motivations. But he sure has used his ‘Indian-ness’ to get himself on a gravy train. All the while, downgrading the very gravy train that he is riding on.

Fortunately, for us, AGs wishes are irrelevant.

Advice … suggestions …

AG – If you are an ‘American’, I have a word of advice! Keep your Anglo-American-ness to yourself. We, in India don’t wish to become a clone – any one’s!

And if you count yourself as an Indian (never mind which passport you carry), you should press the “Empty Trash” button in your Mindbox. You will find that button in the Menu-> Files-> Settings-> Propaganda-> Received Trash-> Delete-> Empty Trash.


This may look simple, but you have to do these delete actions, file by file. In some cases, these files have been received as virus files. These may have corrupted the Registry and finding the Rootkit is essential. In case the Rootkit itself is not deleted, it will keep creating new and freshly corrupted files. Of course, you have the option of formatting your hard disk! Any which way …

AG, you have a problem!

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