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Neo-Colonial Discrimination in legal proceedings

Looking at double standards - again!

Looking at double standards - again!

One major consequence is that Westerners can go to any place in the Non-West and, when in legal trouble with local laws, often expect the preferential treatment of not being prosecuted and of being released, with such excuses as “clemency,” “human rights,” “freedom,” and the like, in a way that they do not reciprocate the same preferential treatment to non-Westerners who are in legal trouble in the West. In fact, these non-Westerners are, more often than not, suffer from pervasive discrimination in Western societies, to the extent that not only they are not given any “clemency” but also they often receive harsher punishment than otherwise. (via The Western Neo-Colonial Discrimination against Non-Western Laws – Pravda.Ru).

The writer makes a ‘interesting point – where every non-Westerner in the West is subject to the ‘law of the land.’ Take the cases of Rajarathnam, Anand Jon or Vikram Buddhi. But, since the West is superior to the Rest, Western natives are not subject to laws of the non-Western countries. As this post from Pravda points out, there is an underlying double standard which pervades Western behaviour.

Interestingly, till recently, one had a feeling that the Oil rich Middle East expected much the same!

  1. Galeo Rhinus
    February 5, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    Oh you ignoramus… did you not know that western laws of the land are superior to others? they are “progressive” 🙂

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