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Inclusion not elitism, please – Rama Bijapurkar

Delivering India - Bound and gagged

Delivering India - Bound and gagged

with shackled Indian competition that has not just these but other controls, like the one on teachers’ salaries, foreign entrants will be able to build a viable business, offering superior quality to consumers. Before we burst into applause about the magic of competition, let’s think of all constituencies. Better quality will happen for the better classes of consumers, and the rest will have to suffer the collateral damage — an even more depleted, poorer quality, government-shackled institutions, as the better-quality students and faculty gravitate to the new entrants. Thus we go back to rich kid/forward-class preserves and poor kid/backward-class ghettos. As several ministers in the MHRD have repeatedly reminded us in the context of IITs and IIMs, young India deserves better than an elitist education policy that excludes most of them. (via Rama Bijapurkar: Inclusion not elitism, please).

The unfolding scam

Kapil Sibal speaks from two sides of his mouth simultaneously – a rare gift. I am sure his training as a lawyer helps him to do this proficiently. From one side he talks of de-regulation, privatization, foreign investments by foreign universities in India.

Kapil Sibal’s predecessor, Arjun Singh, used every rule, law, dirty trick in the book, for instance, to stop IIMs from expanding abroad. After hobbling all these institutions, the stage is set for ‘entry’ of foreign universities into India. To deliver a captive Indian market to these ‘foreign’ universities.

Much like the Mughal ‘firmaan’ did for the British East India company. After tying up Indian economy, producers and traders into knots, a complacent Mughal Sultanate delivered the Indian populace, bound and gagged to the Europeans.

The rest followed.

Kapil Sibals wants One

Kapil Sibal has converted. And he wants the rest of India to convert. Convert and worship ‘The One.’

… the broad idea at this point is that there will be a Class XII examination (whether it will be marks or grading remains to be seen) to test subject matter knowledge, and this will be given a certain weight — the SAT-type test will test for aptitude and will be used in addition to the Class XII exam. The exact weights will be decided by the task force. This is not an extra exam since, even now, all those who wish to get into engineering, management, etc take various entrance exams. Indeed, the plan is to have just one examination for all these courses and, perhaps, even extend this to other streams … (from ‘Unrecognised schools hardly have any teaching’; Q&A: Kapil Sibal, Minister, HRD, by Sunil Jain & Kalpana Jain / New Delhi February 26, 2010, 0:59 IST).

This new idea of Kapil Sibal’s does not nothing new. Instead it makes it easier to make India into a  recruitment capital for the Anglo-Saxon countries.

The logic of non-performance

Kapil Sibal uses the ‘non-performance’ logic to create new monsters in the Indian education sector. By the logic of non-performance, Mr.Sibal, the first one to go should be your department.

What has your ministry delivered in the last 60 years ? Stronger bondage to English language. A level which even the British could not achieve! The annihilation of Indian education. Selecting the best, churning out ‘grunts’ to serve Western masters abroad, is all that Indian educations seems to achieve – at a huge expense to the Indian tax payer.

Good job, Kapil! Lord Curzon, would be a proud man. Proud of you!

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