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India – a Big Headache?

The problem with India!
The problem with India!

Think for a moment about which countries cause the most global consternation. Afghanistan. Iran. Venezuela. North Korea. Pakistan. Perhaps rising China. But India? Surely not. In the popular imagination, the world’s largest democracy evokes Gandhi, Bollywood, and chicken tikka. In reality, however, it’s India that often gives global governance the biggest headache. (via How India Gives Global Governance the Biggest Headache – By Barbara Crossette | Foreign Policy).

If so much bile is raised, spleen is vented and poison emitted, India must be doing something right! My exuberance is only reduced by the fact that Barbara Crossette is an old Indophobe – and cant see anything right with India! But still … such a contrived and tired attack can only be a source of satisfaction! A particularly strong, pick-me-up!

I am loving it!

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