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A destiny superior to India

In August, 1947, Pakistan & Britain both believed that they had a future, brighter and better than India’s. Ironic, eh?

Brothers in Arms  |  Cartoon titled Musharraf's Democracy by Bendib on Monday, November 12, 2007

Brothers in Arms | Cartoon titled Musharraf’s Democracy by Bendib on Monday, November 12, 2007

This interesting post from Pakistan’s The Dawn captures a defeated mindset – that yet believes it has some ‘clever’ answers. Unwilling to concede its bankruptcy, it proclaims a fresh beginning.

Dear Britain,

Has anyone told you how amazing you guys are? Well let me clarify – we love you. You guys are incredible and we’re not just saying that because you are allegedly giving us close to a billion dollars in aid.

In recognition of how terrific you are, we humbly request you to take back Pakistan. Our government, as you may have noticed, is quite useless. The security situation, steadily increasing food prices and inflation, unemployment and incessant load shedding – all of this is wreaking havoc on our populace. We are tired and need respite.

We realise that you had to put up with a lot of complaining and discontent when you had previously um….occupied the subcontinent. But rest assured, with substantial evidence, we have since then developed into quite a docile bunch. Look at our politicians, we keep re-electing corrupt, ineffectual fake degree-toting candidates, which goes to show we have no standards and are as accommodating as they come.

Admittedly, we’ve done a fantastic job of messing up everything in the country with our religious infighting and blaming Israel for everything. But with your guidance (and love of desi food), we’re sure that we can do better and improve drastically. So we implore you, take over and together we can re-kindle the glory of the British Empire. Uncle Sam out, Queen in! (via The Dawn Blog » Blog Archive » Letter to Britain).

The lethal Pakistani Mix!

The lethal Pakistani Mix!

India’s welfare

At the time of India’s Independence, there were two parties who felt distinctly superior to  India’s future.

One were the British. Best known of British sceptics was Churchill. The pessimistic British colonial narrative feared that India was being handed over to ‘men of straw … of whom no trace will be found after a few years’. Churchill was ‘concerned’ that Indians would be sold down the river, led byhalf naked fakir‘. Perhaps, British pessimism was an existential requirement for their polity and ideology.

British misrule in India has been the subject of countless writers, journalists, analysts. Equally there have been numerous ‘studies’ about British ‘contribution’ to India’s progress. Let us keep this subject aside, completely, in this post. Let us forget about British misrule in India in this post.

Instead, let us look at British misrule in Britain itself. British ‘capabilities’ in areas of technology, industrial management, academia stands naked and exposed. How could super-power Britain spiral down to bankruptcy, in less than 70 years, after WW2.

More, the British mindset itself may need examination!

The other party

The other set of Indo-skeptics were Muslim secessionists. Regardless of accountability, contribution or acceptance, Muslims secessionists were “much too conscious of their erstwhile political, intellectual, and cultural superiority to be able to accept their new position.” Muslim leadership saw themselves as in a position to demand an “equal share of the power which would befit and be commensurate with their status as the erstwhile rulers of India.”

A schizoid Pakistan! Torn between military, rich landlords, regressive clerics, and a cynical US.  |  Two Musharrafs cartoon by Bendib on Saturday, October 13, 2007

A schizoid Pakistan! Torn between military, rich landlords, regressive clerics, and a cynical US. | Two Musharrafs cartoon by Bendib on Saturday, October 13, 2007

With an aggressive campaign spanning cultural, political and motivational slogans, Muslim campaigners attacked the राम भरोसे हिन्दू होटल Indian leadership. A snide description for ‘directionless, loud, confused’ Indian leadership.

As the British oppression of anti-colonial movement during during WW2 increased, Muslims ‘leadership’ saw themselves as ‘descendants of erstwhile rulers’, and  coined a new chant. चिकनी चवन्नी तेल में, बुड्ढा गाँधी जेल में (into oil went the bald coin, as quickly as Gandhi into the can (jail). The secessionist Muslim eliteconscious of their erstwhile status as the rulers of India‘ proclaimed, हंस के लिए हैं पाकिस्तान, लड़ के लेंगे हिंदुस्तान (With a contemptuous smile, we robbed them of Pakistan; Now we will battle, to conquer Hindustan.). Derisively calling Hindus as दाल (lentil-eaters), secessionist Muslims considered themselves superior.

These two effete and crumbling Desert Bloc sceptics continue to believe in their own hubris – and propaganda. They would do well to remember how deep the well-springs of the Indic nation are.

What they forget, they forget at their own risk.

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