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Kashmir – Foggy Indian Notions

Kashmir cannot become a 1947-reprise when power mongers grabbed Pakistan with a hate agenda – and a contrived identity.

Jinnah acted pricey with the support of half a per cent (0.5%) of India's Muslim population - and the might of the British Raj behind him! (Cartoon - Artist - Low; David (1891-1963) Published - Evening Standard, 04 Sep 1946).

Are we making the same mistake again? Jinnah acted pricey with the support of half a per cent (0.5%) of India's Muslim population - and the might of the British Raj behind him! (Cartoon - Artist - Low; David (1891-1963) Published - Evening Standard, 04 Sep 1946).

Contrived claims

Jinnah’s derived legitimacy by getting 500,000 Muslim votes – from a Muslim population of 10 crores in 1940s.

Indian Muslims did not chose the Muslim League. British policy in India made it seem that Indian Muslims had chosen the Muslim League. Of the nearly 10 crore Muslims, less than 5 lakhs voted for the Muslim League.

Jinnah’s claim and bravado sprang from the backing of half a per cent of India’s Muslim Population. Popular leaders like Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir or the Deoband Seminary rejected emphatically Jinnah and his Pakistan theory. The ordinary Muslim had no truck with Jinnah or Pakistan.

As India fumbles in Kashmir, this perspective becomes important to modern India.

Omar said said Jammu and Kashmir is a political situation which needs political handling. “It requires a political package more than an economic package,” he told newsmen after wrapping up his meetings before returning to Srinagar.

“Jammu and Kashmir is a political situation. It needs political handling. It requires a political package more than an economic package. By political package, I mean dealing with issues like Armed Forces Special Powers Act, footprint of the security forces, rehabilitation package for youngsters who are across the line of control and compensation for victims of the ongoing trouble.

“We discussed at length the situation prevailing in the valley and the need for steps to be taken. The consensus was that the pre-requisite for any sort of initiatives in the state was some semblance of normalcy,” the Chief Minister said.

Official sources said the Centre was willing to kick-start political initiatives in J&K including talks with separatists but wanted violence to end first. (via news.outlookindia.com | Omar Talks Tough: Peace Before Political Package).

Fault-lines in illegitimacy

We have seen what has happened in Pakistan, with these power mongers, who have created a faulty identity for themselves. The Partition of 1947 was clear. Any Indian who is a Muslim first, has a place in Pakistan. For Indians, there is India!

That logic is still valid – and a small number of Kashmiris may need to be reminded of that ‘understanding’. We have also seen what has happened to minorities in Pakistan – and India.

Will Kashmiri separatists be any different?

Kashmir crushed by US and British attention (Zahoor's Cartoon: Daily Times).

Kashmir crushed by US and British attention (Zahoor's Cartoon: Daily Times).

Client states can’t be setting the agenda

It costs Arundhati Roy nothing, sitting comfortably on her half-a-million royalty, with her fangs deep into Indian media, to suggest that India consign another 2 crore (twenty million) Kashmiris into the Pakistani hell. Based on terrorist activities of some 2000 jihadis.

If a client state of the US is fomenting terrorism, by using about 4000-5000 people does not mean that the Indian State will shove nearly 25 million Kashmiris into Pakistani maw. Kashmiris first paid a price for Britain’s imperial designs. Now, this time, Kashmiri-Indians are paying a price, all over again, for US policy failures?

The US misadventure into Afghanistan follows the earlier US decision to convert Peshawar into an arms bazaar. The entire Afghan-Pakistani tribal area has become a battle ground for a civil war.

If the US is serious about Pakistan and Afghanistan, let them just leave the sub-continent. Stop playing off one against the other. Pakistan too, needs to grow up. They need to get out of the US orbit.

We can and will solve our problems.

Setting the record straight

I wonder why India is always on the defensive when it comes to Kashmir. Indian diplomacy behaves as a thief who is caught in the act. A few base assumptions are in order: –

  1. It was India that was partitioned – and Pakistan is an of-shoot of India. This partition was based on a tall claim made by some Muslim leaders that Muslims would be better taken care of by a separate Muslim State, ruled by Muslims.
  2. India, reluctantly, agreed to this false claim and logic. Indian Muslims in Pakistan, and the ‘muhajirs’ who emigrated, had little choice – and have suffered immensely. Having got their way, Pakistani leadership is responsible for the same. If Pakistan cannot address the issues that it was created to resolve, does it have a reason to exist?
  3. It is Indian leadership which is responsible for de-colonization – and Pakistan did not even exist. It was Jinnah who said that he, his secretary and a type writer got Pakistan from India. Let us take Jinnah’s statement at its face value. Good for you. Now deliver.
  4. For more than 5000 years, it is India which has taken care of people living in the modern definition of South Asia. India has agreed to include Kashmir in the Indian Union – and a few thousand ‘jihadis’ can change that.
  5. If Pakistan has some part of Kashmir, it is fully accountable – to India, the people of India. Every Kashmiri life is a responsibility of the Indian Government – whether it is governed by Pakistan or India.
  6. It is time that Pakistan is called to account – for every Kashmiri who is uncared for, has been left behind. It is time that India sets deadlines for Kashmir – and Pakistan must accept and meet those deadlines.

Kashmiris are Indians. No discussions, questions or arguments there.

The US hand in Pakistan has been apparent for 45 years now - at least after the Nixon administration. (Cartoon by Ajit Ninan; on 15th April, 2011; source and courtesy - timesofindia.com). Click for source image.

The US hand in Pakistan has been apparent for 45 years now - at least after the Nixon administration. (Cartoon by Ajit Ninan; on 15th April, 2011; source and courtesy - timesofindia.com). Click for source image.

Worse than Kumbhakaran …

It is said in the Ramayana that Kumbhakaran woke up twice a year to eat and drink. And went back to sleep promptly after his eating and drinking.

The Abdullah clan is not worried about Kashmiris in POK. The Muftis could not care less. The Indian Government, all our political parties (in alphabetical order – BJP, Communists, Congress,  Kashmiri political outfits) seem to doing one better.

In the last 25 years, I have never heard a squeak from anyone about the state of Indians under the Pakistani heel.

Or is it Pakistani hell.

  1. August 7, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Very good post , thanks for that.
    Yes even i am curious on the state of POK

  2. August 7, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Why just POK?

    What about Jinnah-Occupied-India-Aided-By-British (JOAIB)- where less than half a per cent of Indian Muslims railroaded India into accepting a non-nation like Pakistan!

    It is time that Pakistani leadership is called to question!

  3. Galeo Rhinus
    August 7, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    I think you forgot the most important Indian clients for the British…

    …the congress and the socialists.

    JOIAB is more like JOIACSB…

  4. Amit
    August 8, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Excellent take anurag. Why cannot India abolish article 370 and integrate kashmir completly into India ?

  5. August 9, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Sardar Patel managed the integration of more than 500 princely states into India – with very little in terms of baggage and legacy. Instead of Patel, Nehru handled Kashmir – since that was his place of origin.

    The kingdom of Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu ruler – with certain Muslim majority provinces. He wished to remain independent – till Pakistan invaded Kashmir. He then rushed to India – and sought merger with India.

    India decided to ‘consult’ the popular leadership of Kashmir – headed by Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh Abdullah was all for being part of India – with significant autonomy. This Nehru granted. Under Section 370.

    Subsequent events have made this entire agreement meaningless – and Kashmir issue itself meaningless. Now Pakistan wants Kashmir – as revenge for having lost Bangla Desh, for which they blame India. Power-mongers in Kashmir want azadi because it gives them power and an opportunity to loot, plunder, savage and kill. These dwarves also, like Jinnah earlier, too want to sit at the high table in the comity of nations.

    Congress has been in power now for nearly 50 of the 63 years after independence. There is a history for everything.

    It will need a new party, which can look at this issue without history. Like George Fernandes decided in 1977, that all MNC companies in India must be 60% owned by Indians. IBM walked out of India – and the seeds for the software boom in India were sown. From 1974, when India did the atomic blast, till 2001, when BJP decided to become overtly nuclear, the Congress was shackled by its past.

    The Article 370 /Kashmir will also need a new dispensation to resolve this. Congress has too much history to look at the future.

  6. A fan of your blog
    August 12, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    What India needs is a comprehensive strategy when it comes to Pakistan. Kashmir is but a smaller lingering wound when it comes to India-Pak. Pak wisely uses this wound to create pain for India now and then. Handling Pak in a retaliatory fashion is not the answer. Until a few years ago, Pak had the upper hand in foreign policy as well as creating goodwill in the international community. Over the last 3 years, the international community is waking up to the monster that Pak is. This is not India’s doing, the credit goes to the Taliban and the ISI for fomenting trouble across boundaries, and US and the UK are now on the receiving side of the trouble. Suddenly, everyone is taking the Taliban and ISI threat seriously. India’s folly is that it still expects US and UK to do the cleaning act. Rather than engaging at all levels, India continues to cry foul and get attention from its parents to reprimand its evil sibling. In my mind, the following things need to happen for India to get the upper hand once and for all:

    1. No political solution for Kashmir. Full integration into India. No special status. Abrogate Article 370. Allow ordinary Indians to buy land and settle down. Indianize Kashmir. All other problems will go away.
    2. Call Pak’s bluff. Demand human rights protection to minorities and Baluchis. Ask that they give up Balochistan based on their human rights track record. Ask for PoK to be protected territory with same rights as current Kashmir. Let them feel the pain of secessionary powers within their own country. Befriend secessionary elements within Pakistan openly. Empathize with them. Throw economic resources at them and create special economic trading zones with Balochistan.
    3. Destroy terrorist camps across the border. Use drones effectively to attack and destroy them. Learn from Israel’s copy book of fighting terror with intelligence.
    4. Modernize madrassas in India. Develop Muslim communities that are backward by bringing to them modern education and science. Incentivize IT companies (offer tax breaks, govt contracts) to develop training and certification programs for Muslim youth that will help them with jobs and creating new businesses. Integrate them with mainstream India where economy is booming. Provide facilities to Muslim entrepreneurs to develop businesses within Indian rural settings. Muslims have been part of India for a thousand years. They are not outsiders. They need to be integrated with the mainstream economic India. Develop successful Indian Muslims as role models for the backward comunities in Indian Muslim youth. Engage with them so that they can see a succesful future they can achieve.
    In order to avoid favoritism, the same benefits will need to be provided to other economic backward groups as well.

    Pak seems to think it is a mouthpiece for all Indian Muslims. India has more Muslims than Pak. Indian Muslims have held the highest positions in Government as well as public life. It is important to show that Indian Muslims are better off than Pak Muslims. That is not an easy argument to make at this time, but an important one to make in the near future.

  7. Jindal
    September 29, 2010 at 2:46 am

    On a quick note, a NY Times article on the vast mineral riches of Afghanistan:

    And a map of minerals in Afghanistan:

    Kashmir is China’s gateway to Afghan minerals and hydrocarbons in the gulf. Late last month, 11,000 PLA soldiers stealthily entered Gilgit-Balistan. Now you see, none of this has got anything to do with whether Kashmiris are Indians or Pakistanis, neither has this got anything remotely to do with Jinnah or the UN.

    If Muhammad has not existed, perhaps the entire subcontinent would have remained one nation. If it is so hard to get rid of the ‘Jaati’ bug, those bitten by the mullah bug are even harder to cure. Other reaps benefits from the brain damage.

  8. November 18, 2011 at 1:05 pm

  9. February 5, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Read Dr.Swamy`s view on Kashmir. Here is the link to that article. Ignore the last paragraph of his on New Solution, because I asked him on twitter, if he still considers that solution and he told me that solution was only as starter to merge POK to India. After Afghanistan war, he thinks Pakistan will be over taken by Tailban so India should start preparing for the last war with Pakistan over Kashmir. He predicts by 2015, POK would be under India’s control, because of Tailban Takeover PAK and U.S. frustration. http://indiaright.org/storyd.asp?id=84

  10. February 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm
    Thin line between progression and prediction of events.

    Progression is a logical outcome along a certain path.

    Prediction is based on giving primacy to a certain combination of events – but other combinations are also possible. Subramaniam Swamy is making predictions – and all I can say is best of luck to him.

    Pakistan has been written off too many times – but it lives to prove everyone wrong. Over the last 12 months I have taken a 2ndlook at Pakistan.

    I am unsure (as of this moment) how Pakistan story will unfold – but I am inclined to dismiss all these Pakistani collapse & split theories.

    Keep a few points in mind: –

    1. China has never done anything for Pakistan – except some brave reassuring talk. In 1965 and 1971, Pakistan got more help from US than from China.

    2. Any administration that can ‘blackmail’ so many powerful nations (USA, Saudi Arabia, China) and occupy global attention for so long deserves some respect for their diplomacy.

    3. More people are killed in US due to gun-related violence than in Pakistan. So, the breakdown and social disorder story of Pakistan is as thin or as strong as the US story is.

    I am no longer willing to take conventional stories on Pakistan – and I am yet to have a 2ndlook logic. Let us see how things unfolds.

    Bottomline – India must be prepared for multiple scenarios.

    1. Division of Kashmir. (Strong possibility).
    2. Break up of Pakistan. (Improbable – but not impossible).
    3. Pakistan will fall into terrorist hands – like the Afghan rule by the Taliban. (Thin probability, weak possibility.).

  11. February 5, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    He has not said anything about break up of Pakistan. But if India becomes strong like Israel, then India does have ability to break Pakistan into pieces. How can we forget, what iron rule of Indira gandhi broke pakistan into two pieces. He predicts Tailban takeover. What is Tailban? Radicalized muslims who would turn Pakistan into Afghanistan. This is already happening. Pakistan is getting radicalised very fast (ex. Recent blasphemy law , attack on Shites, ahmadiyya mosques, etc.). In this article (http://indiaright.org/storyd.asp?id=84) Dr.Swamy has given extensive details of legal dimesion of kashmir, which we do not know much of…(ex. Part 11(A) Clause 1 of UN resolution (1948) states that “…the Government of Pakistan agrees to withdraw its troops from that state.)….Read that article, I was astonished to see what strong legal case, India has over kashmir. And for solution on Pakistan and kashmir, I agree with this view of Dr.Swamy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb_1CH5VXzs)

  12. February 10, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Very well written article.
    What India in 1947 was Sardar Patel as our Prime Minister.
    India’s history and geography both would have changed if that had happened.
    Sad it didn’t happen.

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