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The Do-Gooder Industry in India

The Church and pedophiles go back a long time

The Church and pedophiles go back a long time


Mowitha attended the same therapeutic project in India where Maria Mosterd went to get away from her loverboy. There are photos on the table of her dressed in a sari, a beaming girl with curly hair and freckles. For a time, after she had returned to the Netherlands, it seemed as if she were coming to her senses and wanted to lead a normal life. But then she slid back into prostitution, and her mother felt that her only option was to send her to the juvenile prison. (via Schoolgirls Controlled by Loverboys: Math Class in the Morning, Turning Tricks at Lunchtime – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International). 

Strange story

Rich countries. Advanced societies. Educated families. And the daughters turn to prostitution. Then sent to India for therapeutic projects. There is something missing in this story. A very vital element. 

What is the therapy? Was it looking after ‘poor’ Indian orphans, who were ‘worse’ off than these girls? Was living in a different society – a vastly different society that was the therapy? I am not sure I like this at all! 

Mother Teresa (Cartoon by John Spooner @ http://www.chrysalis.com.au)

Mother Teresa (Cartoon by John Spooner @ http://www.chrysalis.com.au)


The last time we had such cases in India, we ended up with Australians pedophiles. 

The do-good industry 

An Australian do-gooder was arrested for sexually assaulting children of an orphanage in Puri.  

Sometime back, two other orphanage administrators, and alleged pedophiles, Duncan Grant and Allan John Waters were convicted (their conviction is now under appeal-review). In a television channel interview, it was alleged that Margaret Thatcher, senile but yet powerful, was behind the legal challenge mounted to acquit these two British peadophiles – oops alleged peadophiles.  

Further back, Wilhelm and Lile Marti, a Swiss couple, again in the do-good industry, were granted bail in a paedophilia case. After bail, they promptly fled India.  

Do we really need these do-gooders? 

Mother Teresa, another do-gooder raised hundreds of crores in the name of Kolkatta’s poor. A few hundreds of the Kolkatta’s poor benefited from that money. But many missionaries rode on the backs of these poor Kolkattans, raising even more money. The PR machine of the Vatican has done a great job on this scam. Even if India can’t take care of its poor, we don’t need these do-gooders!  

Away!! Begone!  

Should we say, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan!!’

  1. May 24, 2013 at 2:35 am

    Read an article in a newspaper in Antwerp. It was an interview with a retiring prostitute. one line is etched in my mind: She said “I have lost all respect for men for all that has been done to me over the years”.
    Even Sw. Vivekanand refererred to these cultures as “Asur”. Something seriously wrong. No form of depravity is excluded.

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