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The Do-Gooder Industry in India

September 15, 2010 1 comment
The Church and pedophiles go back a long time

The Church and pedophiles go back a long time


Mowitha attended the same therapeutic project in India where Maria Mosterd went to get away from her loverboy. There are photos on the table of her dressed in a sari, a beaming girl with curly hair and freckles. For a time, after she had returned to the Netherlands, it seemed as if she were coming to her senses and wanted to lead a normal life. But then she slid back into prostitution, and her mother felt that her only option was to send her to the juvenile prison. (via Schoolgirls Controlled by Loverboys: Math Class in the Morning, Turning Tricks at Lunchtime – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International). 

Strange story

Rich countries. Advanced societies. Educated families. And the daughters turn to prostitution. Then sent to India for therapeutic projects. There is something missing in this story. A very vital element. 

What is the therapy? Was it looking after ‘poor’ Indian orphans, who were ‘worse’ off than these girls? Was living in a different society – a vastly different society that was the therapy? I am not sure I like this at all! 

Mother Teresa (Cartoon by John Spooner @

Mother Teresa (Cartoon by John Spooner @


The last time we had such cases in India, we ended up with Australians pedophiles. 

The do-good industry 

An Australian do-gooder was arrested for sexually assaulting children of an orphanage in Puri.  

Sometime back, two other orphanage administrators, and alleged pedophiles, Duncan Grant and Allan John Waters were convicted (their conviction is now under appeal-review). In a television channel interview, it was alleged that Margaret Thatcher, senile but yet powerful, was behind the legal challenge mounted to acquit these two British peadophiles – oops alleged peadophiles.  

Further back, Wilhelm and Lile Marti, a Swiss couple, again in the do-good industry, were granted bail in a paedophilia case. After bail, they promptly fled India.  

Do we really need these do-gooders? 

Mother Teresa, another do-gooder raised hundreds of crores in the name of Kolkatta’s poor. A few hundreds of the Kolkatta’s poor benefited from that money. But many missionaries rode on the backs of these poor Kolkattans, raising even more money. The PR machine of the Vatican has done a great job on this scam. Even if India can’t take care of its poor, we don’t need these do-gooders!  

Away!! Begone!  

Should we say, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan!!’

And let slip the dogs of war!

September 13, 2010 6 comments

Did Western societies implement anti-marriage and anti-sex theories of Western intellectuals, like Plato, Malthus?
Augustus Caesar.

Augustus Caesar.

Anti-marriage bias

Europe and the USA have the largest number of prostitutes. An estimated 35-45 lakhs (3.5m-4.5m) prostitutes, of the estimated 200-250 lakhs (20m-25m) prostitutes in the world live and work in the EU & USA. This may be related to a deep-seated antipathy in the West towards marriage – misogamy.

In ancient Rome, to overcome ‘this anti-marriage attitude, Augustus Caesar introduced, uxorium – a tax on celibacy and childlessness. He passed laws Julia et Papia Poppaea, that reduced rights and inheritances of the unmarried and allowed girls to be married at the age of 12.

Even before the Bible and Eve, the West (and Desert Bloc) targeted marriage, wives and women for blame.

Lucretius, a famed Roman author, preferred  marriage as a lesser evil to ‘cure’ passion and …

St.Jerome, in 393 AD, wrote Against Jovinian,  an important Vatican tract against marriage, that influenced the Church and Europe for the next 1500 years. Roman synod under Pope Siricius, promptly declared Jovinian as a heretic. Emperor Honorius had Jovinan whipped and banished from Rome – exiled to a small island of Boas, off Dalmatia. St.Augustine thought that “thanks to pagan fecundity there are already enough souls to fill heaven, Augustine counseled all men to refrain from the obsolete Old Testament command to increase and multiply”

The first Christian Emperor, Constantine, at Vatican’s behest, encouraged celibacy by “repealing the Augustan marital legislation that imposed penalties on the unmarried … he even extended the power of making wills to minors who wished to become celibate.”

After his conversion to Christianity.

Misogamy – from medieval to modern

It took the combined weight of French authors like Voltaire, Diderot and Helvetius to make marriage acceptable in France. Added to this, were the arguments by Montesquieu, that Catholic France suffered due to celibacy, in comparison to Protestant Britain. France in 1920, re-introduced an anti-celibacy surtax to stem decline in French population. And Italy followed soon after in 1926.

Misogamy is so deeply ingrained that one writer extends this “symptom of an almost unconscious persistence of misogamy in France” even to translations of literary works. In Europe’s best “long-standing traditions of misogyny and misogamy.”

Does this trend persist?

Early Bruce Springsteen.

Early Bruce Springsteen.

In modern era

Bruce Springsteen’s The River, was an interesting record – released before Born in the USA. The title song, The River, was about the disappointments of marrying early, with a union job, and then finding himself at a dead-end.

This song represents marriage as a black-box supposed to deliver – but rarely does. Entitlement thinking – Medicare, Welfare checks, Unemployment benefits, etc. How the State gets all this for me is the State’s problem! Too bad, if the State has to annihilate the Native Americans, the Australian aborigines, or the Africans!

Like Neil Young sings about the producer who wants a writer who is alone and hungry! The ‘economy’ needs people who have “drifted far from home … hungry … alone” – (from Neil Young’s album containing, Crime in the City).

Roald Dahl’s classic-into-a-movie,  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is another revealing tale. Most reviews confirm that the movie is ‘faithful’ to the book – not that it matters, or is actually possible.  I have on good authority on the matter of “plot and structure, the new film sticks very close to the book.” Another reviewer says,

Like Dahl’s book, the film stresses the importance of family over personal ambition, love over selfish desire. The plot, too, remains largely as Dahl left it: five golden tickets hidden in chocolate bars.

Pro-family at first glance, it is a deeply sick tale. Of how a rich man, Willy Wonka, finally gets happiness, family, reunion with his father and someone to take care of his factory and wealth. The secret of his wealth – don’t have a family.  What do the poor guys, like Charlie Bucket (rhymes with Leaking Bucket) get? A hovel, unemployment, barely enough to eat, discrimination, austerity. You got to be stupid to be be poor or to believe in a family. Good guys finish last.

Well said, Mr.Dahl.

The story is constructed well. To the smart guys, the message is clear. Stay away from family, parents, responsibilities. You can be like Willy Wonka. You get the wealth, you will anyway get everything else also. To the poor and ‘stupid’, like Charlie Bucket, the message is seemingly “A Family is Great Thing, Isn’t It!”

Though 60% of the Western adult population is married, at least 30% are on thin ice!

Though 60% of the Western adult population is married, at least 30% are on thin ice!

Well done, Mr.Dahl!

Let us do the numbers!

Do numbers bear out this narrative of the West.

Measuring simple marital status of the broad population may give a crude confirmation of this social bias. At any point, 35%-45% of the adult population in the US and UK, for whom data is available, are unmarried. That is 1000% more than India’s unmarried population. How will it affect women and children when projections show that “the population of unmarried women will soon surpass the number of married women”.

Strangely, there are no cross-country, comparative reports on marriage and prostitution. The modern West, which seeks to measure every aspect of life (they call it econometrics) especially if it involves the Third World, has done no such study on prostitution and marriage.

Global overview – on-off ‘tolerance’ for prostitution

Ex-President of the USA, George Bush estimated that “800,000 to 900,000 people are bought, sold or forced across borders” for prostitution. A study across the world, further estimated that “the number of prostitutes in the world was around 40 million.” This seems to be very high estimate – when analysed by major countries. A more likely number seems to be 200-250 lakhs prostitutes across the world. EU (25 lakhs -30 lakhs), USA (14 lakhs-20 lakhs).

In the USA, of these, a report  estimates some “300 thousand to 600 thousand of 2 million prostitutes in the USA are children and teenagers under 18. Most of them are under the class of street prostitutes.” Some older reports from the 1980’s give a lower figure of 1 million prostitutes in USA.

These reports estimate Indian prostitute population at 2-3 million – a little more than the estimated US population of prostitutes. An overview of human trafficking summarizes

The ILO estimates in a 2005 report that trafficking generates 32 billion US dollars in turnover annually. The International Labour Organisation’s 2005  Global Report on forced labour estimates that each year 2.45 million persons are trafficked for forced labour worldwide.

A significant part of these trafficked people are female-teenagers and women for purposes of prostitution. A Europol (European Police organization) report traces traffic patterns.

In the 1970s, trafficked women came mainly from South East Asia. In the 1980s, the second and third ‘waves’ of women came from Africa and Latin America. The latest traffic, the ‘fourth wave’, are females from Central and Eastern Europe. The escalation of this crime within the EU can be linked to the enormous profits that can be made by the traffickers, pimps and bar and club owners who supply and cater for the demand in purchased sex that exists in Europe.

Trafficking in human beings is considered to be the fastest growing criminal business in the world, generating massive profits for international criminal organisations. 120,000 women and children are trafficked through the Balkans alone. The US TIP Report 2001 reported on evidence that had surfaced implicating the French embassy in Sofia in selling an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 visas to Bulgarian prostitutes. (Extracts from Europol Report TRAFFICKING OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN FOR SEXUAL EXPLOITATION IN THE EU: THE INVOLVEMENT OF WESTERN BALKANS ORGANISED CRIME 2006 Public version).

The Europol report emphasizes the role of ‘immigrant’ and illegal aliens as ‘prostitutes’ from countries facing political unrest, civil conflict and war. Yet, another report points out how “the influx of peace-keepers and other international personnel may lead to increased trafficking of women and girls for prostitution”.

Prostitution. Prevalent and pervasive.

Prostitution. Prevalent and pervasive.

The heart of the market

In these movement patterns, a significant destination is Europe, which possibly has the highest prostitutes-to-populations ratio – along with the USA. A news report estimates, that “every day about 1.5 million Spaniards and foreigners pay for sex”. In the middle of an acute problem,

Spain has been dubbed the “brothel of Europe,” with up to 500,000 women working as prostitutes. Every day, 1.5 million men buy sex in Spain, said Maribel Montano of the governing Socialist Party (PSOE). The trade, which is plied in places ranging from parks and flats to roadside brothels, turns over an estimated 40 billion euros (54 billion dollars) annually, almost the equivalent of Spain’s education budget.

A BBC reports estimates “prostitutes in Germany … number around 400,000” – a figure that Der Spiegel supports. When compared to other countries, “Italy’s 80,000 prostitutes are more visible than anywhere else in Europe” – close to another recent estimate and up from a 1997 estimate by New York Times of 25,000.

Netherlands, with its’ much-visited cage brothel in Amsterdam is estimated to have about 50,000, with lower estimates of 25,000-30,000. In value terms, ‘the sex industry is now a $1 billion business in the Netherlands, or 5 percent of the Dutch economy, with the industry having increased 25 percent in the last decade.’

Coming to Britain, a newspaper reports, “Prostitution in the UK is worth more than £770m a year, and the Government could raise tax revenues of £250m if it were legalised”. No estimates of prostitute-numbers were given – but it was reported that ‘there are around 10,000 women in Britain who have been trafficked here for sexual exploitation.’ Curiously, despite much debate, there is reluctance in Britain to estimate the number of prostitutes in Britain.

We do not even know for sure how many prostitutes there are working in the UK.

The consensus is about 80,000. That figure – recently used by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in an interview about the proposed new law – comes from research done 10 years ago by Hilary Kinnell, when she was working for an organisation providing health services to sex workers.

Ms Kinnell contacted 29 projects that provided services for sex workers to ask how many prostitutes they were working with. She had 17 responses. The average number of prostitutes per project was 665. She then multiplied that figure by 120, the total number of projects on her mailing list, to get an estimation of the total number of prostitutes.

“That brought the total up to very close on 80,000, which is still being quoted,” Ms Kinnell says. “And I find that quite bizarre really. The figure was picked up by all kinds of people and quoted with great confidence but I was never myself at all confident about it. I felt it could be higher, but it also could have been lower.”

Ms Kinnell is the first to point out the possible problems with her method: the centres responding might be larger than most; some sex workers might use more than one centre, and some might not be on the radar at all.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Is the number of trafficked call girls a myth?.

A singular report estimates a number of 80,000. Another US State Department study, quoted in Wikipedia, estimated this number at 1,00,000.

In 2004 the number of prostitutes in the UK was officially estimated at 80,000 but the real figure has increased significantly since then and is now believed to be over 100,000. There are an estimated 30,000 street prostitutes in Britain.

via The sordid society – Telegraph.

Though lesser than Spain and Germany, some “80,000 people visit prostitutes in Belgium each day, according to an official government estimate”. The same report indicates that “two-thirds of Belgium’s prostitutes were brought in illegally by pimps from eastern European countries such as Russia.” It then underestimates how “Belgium’s estimated 10,000 prostitutes” handle 80,000 customers a day – which seems improbable.

France within Europe is seemingly, an exception. France has one of the lowest prostitutes-to-population ratio. With just about “15,000 male and female prostitutes in France, with 7,000 in Paris alone.” Another report places a figure of upto 30,000. These lower figures are contradicted by estimates from a recent book by a French student-part-time prostitute who claims that “nearly 40,000 students turn to prostitution simply to make ends meet” in France. Der Spiegel (Germany) ran a similar story sometime back tracing how this form of recruitment or voluntary economic activity starts.

Similar reports from Britain are being discouraged as it might affect the ‘education business’ – especially from India, the largest market for UK universities.

The number of university students who know someone who has worked in the sex industry to fund their studies has gone up from “3% to 25% in 10 years”.

A study by Doctor Ron Roberts of Kingston University on students’ relationship with the sex industry also found 11% would consider escort work.

“Sexual imagery is everywhere. The middle classes are now kind of entering sex work and seeing it as a viable career path. The whole moral climate has altered substantially,” he said.

Dr Roberts said his findings were “worrying”. He added that it had been very difficult to conduct the research because universities actively discouraged research into students working in the sex industry.

He said one former employer had reacted badly to a previous study he carried out on the subject as it had “hit international press in India which was a big market for the university”.

via BBC News – Students working in sex trade increases over 10 years.

For smaller countries, loose estimates of “more than 8,000 prostitutes may be active in Finland” float around. For Switzerland, reports are that “around 14,000 prostitutes worked in Switzerland in 2005, the majority of whom were immigrants.” In Greece, an estimated “10,000 prostitutes work the streets of Athens, a city whose districts house 500 brothels and attract more than a million people a year for sex”.

For procurers and women in Eastern Europe,

Turkey has become a magnet is that the more lucrative markets of Western Europe are protected by increasingly strict visa requirements that take weeks to work through, with only uncertain results. A young woman from Moldova can be in Istanbul in a day by paying just $10 for a month long visa at the border.

Commercial Sex – bigger than movies and music

BBC reports that “in Britain, it is estimated that some £770m ($1.2bn) is spent on prostitution every year, more than on cinemas or many other forms of entertainment.” In Switzerland, prostitution “generates an annual turnover of SFr3.2 billion ($2.65 billion).”

In some parts of EU, prostitution is recognized as another profession with a State taxation policy in place. For instance, “5%-10% of the estimated 20,000 prostitutes in the Netherlands pay taxes.” Belgium is considering “estimated 50 million euros a year.  It represents an attractive option for a country currently struggling to balance its budget deficit”. At  “€14 billion-a-year prostitution industry”, Germany is the biggest market by value, for prostitution.

Anti-sex, Anti-marriage and anti-women. (Cartoonist - Nick Anderson, Publication - Houston’s Chronicle).

Anti-sex, Anti-marriage and anti-women. (Cartoonist – Nick Anderson, Publication – Houston’s Chronicle).

In the German city of Cologne “a ‘sex tax’ brought in revenues of €828,000 in 2006, a municipality spokesperson told the news agency ddp – a significant increase over 2005, when revenues were €790,000. Although prostitution is legal in Germany, Cologne is the only city that has a specific sex tax. Each prostitute is required to pay €150 each month into the city’s coffers. However, those who only work part-time can opt to pay €6 per day worked instead.”

Cross country data is hard to come by.

What does prostitution mean

Prostitution, as these figures show, takes care of a number of things. Unemployment for one. Every prostitute, creates jobs for at least one more person (more pimps and brothels, more medical services, increased security, cosmetics, business, etc.). For another, the revenue receipts that Governments seem to be getting.

A general European view was that “all women were thought to use sex for personal gain, the prostitute was understood, in the words of Ruth Karras, as ‘simply the market-oriented version of a more general phenomenon”. There is one reality that feminists believe, which needs to be isolated and accepted, is that “not all women engaged in transactional sex work fall within the victim category.”

I wonder, is prostitution is a subliminal response to the emotional and social wasteland of a society which works hard to limit societal growth and families from happening. If men rape, do women prostitute? Is prostitution, a form of gender-revenge by women against men? For limiting the role of women in society?

The number of prostitutes in Europe and the USA, the covert encouragement of pornography are part of Western pattern of showing themselves as champions of ‘freedom’ and ‘individual’ choice. This narrative hides a systemic bias against marriage and cynical on-off ‘tolerance’ towards prostitution.

Maybe even a political motive!

A societal bias towards prostitution

A recent ‘sting’ report about prostitution gave an interesting insight into sex services offered.

Within minutes, smiling Carla walked in to the room in pink lingerie and­­ introduced herself as “Bea”. She then recited a price list, “£30 for hand relief, £40 for oral sex with a condom followed by sex and £70 for oral sex without a condom followed by full sex with a condom”. (via Tory MP Mike Weatherley’s wife working as a prostitute –

What happens to people if they don’t get ‘hand-relief’!

If 67% of European youth is single, needs hand relief, one can only imagine how that pent up frustration can be released through war, rape, enslavement, butchery, crime, etc.

As Shakespeare put it, “Cry ‘Havoc’! And let slip the dogs of war.”

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Boozed British journalism cant see straight

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Why compare Japan with Latam and Zimbabwe? Why not with USA, China and Germany which is more like in Japanese class! (Cartoonist - Clay Bennett,  from Clay Bennett's Editorial Cartoons; courtesy - Click for larger image.

Why compare Japan with Lat-Am and Zimbabwe? Why not with USA, China and Germany which is more like in Japanese class! (Cartoonist - Clay Bennett, from Clay Bennett's Editorial Cartoons; courtesy - Click for larger image.

An Indian problem

Now one of the problems of India, having English as an important language, is the amount of swill, garbage and propaganda that we are subjected to.

In spite of being less than anybody, British media can be pretty biased.

One example was a post by Ian Campbell on Japan’s economic problems. He says,

Japan has … has the worst debt to GDP ratio among major economies … But the interest yield on Japanese government bonds is … not much more than 1 per cent, so the debt is not yet so problematic – and might not seem an obstacle to still more spending. … In just five years, even assuming the economy grows, debt might climb to 230 per cent of GDP …  the hideously large debt would finally drive the fiscal deficit far higher and become intolerable.

Japan’s only route then would be drastic fiscal reform or, more probably, huge resort to the printing press, as Latin America did in the old days and Zimbabwe in more recent times. (via Nokia’s billion-dollar man).

British media needs to talk less about other economies - and look at problems in their own backyard. (Cartoon By Brian Adcock, The Scotland - 1/20/2008 12.00.00 AM Cartoon courtesy -; ©Copyright 2008  Brian Adcock - All Rights Reserved.). Click for larger image

British media needs to talk less about other economies - and look at problems in their own backyard. (Cartoon By Brian Adcock, The Scotland - 1/20/2008 12.00.00 AM Cartoon courtesy -; ©Copyright 2008 Brian Adcock - All Rights Reserved.). Click for larger image

Sad Brits …

Campbell, a British journalist, compares Japan with Latin American and African Governments who have printed a lot of money.

But surely he knows that Western Governments – under the leadership of Ben Bernanke printed much more than Africa and Lat-Am could and did! Why is Campbell not talking of British, European and American printing presses?

Is there a racial smell and smear somewhere? Did I hear him say ‘These irresponsible Blacks, Latinas, Browns, Yellows …’

Japan’s problems

Now Japan’s problems are minor – because they have solid, well run, high tech companies, whose products are in demand all over the world.

Off their peaks, these Japanese firms still have  mean clout in business world. Japanese interest rates being so low will not change Governmental economics by much. So, why compare Japan with Latin America or Zimbabwe?

Of course, you cannot compare Japan to Spain – where prostitution is a national industry.  Or Ireland, or Greece, which have lived on handouts for the last 100 years.

Maybe you should look at British debt my dear sir!

Wishful thinking?

Is it wishful thinking Mr.Campbell? Balanced your judgment is not. Or is it just plain malarkey? Methinks, it is ‘White’ noise!

Ian Campbell, who has “recently returned to the UK, where he is writing a book on rural Mexico.” could utilize his time much better writing about rural Britain, which depends on huge subsidies from a nation groaning under 500% Gross-National-Debt (GND-that is Govt.+Corporate+household).

Now British GND (no hindi puns intended) is a much-more-hideous. Than Japanese at 500%. We both know that British exports  are going nowhere!

Is it not time to focus on Britain itself? Japan will do very well, without your attention. (Cartoonist Jeff Danziger; courtesy -

Cartoon Text - "Austerity? But late squire ... she has been dead these fifty years." 2ndlook says - Is it not time to focus on Britain itself? Japan will do very well, without British attention. (Cartoonist Jeff Danziger; courtesy -

Let us look at British economy

First the biggest sector of British corporate sector is about digging, extracting and selling natural resources.

A historical legacy – with little value-addition. Royal Dutch Shell, BP, North Sea Oil, XStrata, Anglo American, Rio Tinto Group,  BHP Billiton, BG Group, National Grid, Scottish and Southern Energy, Centrica. That is 10 of the top 30 British companies. These companies mostly have their assets abroad – and if push comes to shove, you know these companies will go where their bread is buttered.

The second leg on which British industry stands today is cracked leg of banking and insurance – HSBC, HBOS, RBS, Lloyd’s TSB, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Aviva and Prudential. The British part of the business of these 8 financial firms is in mess. The international business is subsidizing the British business. How long do you think this will last?

The third wobbly leg is pharmaceuticals made up of two companies. Glaxo-Smithkline-and Astra Zeneca. Both are in doldrums due to competition from generic Indian companies – and may look good to beery British journalists boozed in a pub. Now these are the three legs of British economy. We know that three legged stools are always prone to topple over.

That was lesson No.1 for you Campbell.

Is this how British journalism lifts its spirits? (By Paresh Nath, The Khaleej Times, UAE - 5/19/2010 12.00.00 AM)

Is this how British journalism lifts its spirits? (By Paresh Nath, The Khaleej Times, UAE - 5/19/2010 12.00.00 AM)

Lallu has a few things to say here

Lesson No.2 is what our colourful former Railway Minister said, “इस हमाम में सब नंगे हैं” (meaning “everyone in this bathhouse is naked”).

No offense to colour black, but then black pots must not call yellow kettles names.

It is plain bad journalism!

Better governance they told us …

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The 100-year Western campaign to keep the Islamic world unstable. Islamic despots and Kashmir are a part of that.

The Islāmic Bloc has allowed itself to be reduced to nothing by the West in the last 100 years. ( ©Copyright 2008 Jimmy Margulies - All Rights Reserved. cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

The Islāmic Bloc has allowed itself to be reduced to nothing by the West in the last 100 years. ( ©Copyright 2008 Jimmy Margulies - All Rights Reserved. cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

Just as Europe turns upon the dismemberment of Turkey, so the Eastern question in Asia turns upon the continued solidarity of Hindustan” By George Nathaniel Curzon Curzon (Marquis of) in Problems of the Far East: Japan–Korea–China; published in 1894.

20 years before World War-I

Some 70 years ago, we were told that Jinnah’s objective also, was India’s freedom. Much like other Indian freedom fighters.

The template of using Jinnah to split India was implemented by Britain some 30 years  earlier, after WWI to break up the Ottoman Empire. The dismemberment of Turkey studied in Britain for at least a 20 years before WWI.

To understand this template, let us go back to post-WWI Middle East. Many Middle-East despots, then potentates, were put in positions of power after WWI by Western powers. These despots, who have run the Middle-East into the ground, earlier made tall claims about ‘progress’. All the while, condemning the ‘regressive’ Ottomans.

The regressive Islam that we see today is a joint-creation of the Christian-West and these Islamic-despots. Now, we all know what happened after these Islamic ‘freedom-fighters’ of the Middle East were installed by their Western masters.

Better governance, they told us then.

The Cats who went to the monkey for justice. A Jataka tale. Old Indian hesitation to involve third party justice.

The Cats who went to the monkey for justice. A Jataka tale. Old Indian hesitation to involve third party justice.

What will it be this time …

So, there is this little matter of a rather, big credibility-yawn.  Between reality and the azaadi-struggle claims of these ‘freedom-fighters’ in Kashmir also. Let these ‘freedom-fighters’ walk-the-plank-of-freedom.

Let them show their:-

  • Inclusion (have they taken up a single Kashmiri Pandit issue)
  • Ability to listen and govern (have they won any election)

These conflict-zones are Western creations – and so are these jihadis, terrorists.

As are these Islamic despots.

Honest arbiters, I don’t believe in

And, by the way, before I go forward, who offers to arbiter these conflicts? To whom do these despots and these ‘freedom fighters’ run to, to become honest ‘brokers’? Who they approach, address and talk to, gives the game away.

These jihadis using Pakistan as a go-between, approach the West to succeed in their  power grab. Jinnah, let us remember, could not get support from Indians – Muslims or otherwise.

Just as British negotiations with Congress gave Congress legitimacy, so also with Jinnah. Are we forgetting that, the JKLF leaders in the 1970’s and 80s were all holed up in London, for decades. Now, we know London is not cheap. How, who, where, with what motive, funded them for decades in London? Mirpuri-PoK freedom-loving, care-free people of Kashmir, they tell. Go tell that to the birds. JKLF was run out of London.

Much like how elections in Maldives was run out of Britain and London.

It is not Kismat, Najib-bhai! It is design. The Islamic Bloc has allowed itself to become irrelevant in this world. (By Peray, Thailand   -  10/12/2005 12.00:00 AM; cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

It is not Kismat, Najib-bhai! It is design. The Islamic Bloc has allowed itself to become irrelevant in this world. (By Peray, Thailand - 10/12/2005 12.00:00 AM; cartoon courtesy - Click for larger image.

Najib Mubarki tries inducing guilt

Najib Mubarki on Kashmir is an interesting idea! Though finally it is a wet fuse.

the larger meaning of the slogan of “Azadi“ might be some form of secular Kashmiri nationalism, the slogan of “Allah o Akbar” (God is Great) also attends it. It is, in essence, while a slogan of defiance, also a culturally determined one.

Of course there are other slogans too. Or have been. Which would suggest a decidedly Islamist vision of what Kashmiri society should look like. But beyond even the empirically evident gap between slogans and immediately achievable political reality, quite often such slogans were echoed without any real political subscription.

But beyond the level of sloganeering in the streets, there is the fact of centuries of Kashmiri cultural history. One that is unique in the subcontinent. A history and lived life that tempers and inflects even those who would ordinarily be labelled hardliners.

Creating an Islamic State – The pattern

Have we not heard this logic before, Najib-bhai? This was peddled to us before. And some 160 million Muslims have been cast into the dysfunctional ‘nation’ called Pakistan. Remember Jinnah and his ‘secularist’ credentials? These potentates-to-despots, like Jinnah, are Western creations and installations.

What more, I am sure Najib-bhai knows.

Strangely, in Najib-bhai’s narrative, there are no suggestions for Muslims leadership – ever, anywhere. In this and his other posts. The burden of action, implementation is always others. Muslim leadership is always the innocent bystanders in Najib-bhai’s narrative.

Reading Najib Mubarki, I am reminded of a childhood story of such ‘honest’ arbiters. Maybe, Najibbhai too should also read such ‘Hindu’ stories.

Before you come to us, with your talks.

Talk is cheap. Remember Blood Never Forgets! (Cartoon by   By Peray, Thailand   -  10/30/2005 12.00:00 AM, courtesy - Click for larger image.

Talk is cheap. Remember Blood Never Forgets! (Cartoon by By Peray, Thailand - 10/30/2005 12.00:00 AM, courtesy - Click for larger image.

Saladin said …

Talk, as you know Najib-bhai, is cheap. Expensive, when you are paying for cheap talk, with spilled blood.

And that is what, we Indians in Kashmir are doing. It was a wise Islamic ruler who cautioned, “Blood never sleeps!”

We are paying with spilled blood, for cheap jihadi talk.

Take your talk, someplace else.

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“Just as Europe turns upon the dismemberment of Turkey, so the Eastern question in Asia turns upon the continued solidarity of Hindustan” By George Nathaniel Curzon Curzon (Marquis of) in Problems of the Far East: Japan–Korea–China; published in 1894.

Ek tha gul … Ek thi bul-bul … (From Jab jab phool khile)

Banana Republics – A 2ndlook

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Robert Vadra called India a Banana Republic and signed off. So, who are and aren’t Banana Republics.

George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist, plans to announce on Tuesday that he is giving $100 million to Human Rights Watch to expand the organization’s work globally.

It is the largest gift he has made, the largest gift by far that Human Rights Watch has ever received, and only the second gift of $100 million or more made by an individual this year …

(from Soros to Donate $100 Million to Rights Group).


George Soros’ donation to Human Rights Watch NGO is perplexing.

Who will watch over whom?

What are these human rights?

Who are these people, who will be funded by George Soros?

Who will sit on judgment on whom?

Anyway, why is George Soros so bothered!

Free speech. To carry placards, shout slogans, mutter in your drawing room!

I had no answers.

I decided to take the help of St.PT Barnum, our Resident Propaganda Slayer, who can easily unravel these kind of ‘events’.

St.PT Barnum thinks that this donation is fuelled by Soros’ concern for democracy and ‘human rights’ in Third World Banana Republics.

So, that is what we need to understand!

St.PT Barnum answers

Q: What is the difference between ‘banana’ republics and Anglo-Saxon Democracies?

St.PT Barnum ans. – None. People disappear. Anyway. They are both very good at making people disappear. US has made the maximum number of people disappear in the last 50 years.

Q: How are Anglo-Saxon Democracies better than ‘banana’ republics?

St.PT Barnum ans. – They, Anglo-Saxon Democracies (ASD), are much better organized. ASDs will give you a 500 page ‘document’ to ‘prove’ that you have to disappear. Usually, it is all in public interest, you see. Just ask Julian Assange.

In ‘banana’ republics you never ‘know’ why you have to disappear. Plus, all disappearances in ‘banana’ republics benefit only the Ruling Class. Disappearances in ‘banana’ republics are never in public interest. Unlike Anglo-Saxon Democracies.

Anglo-Saxon Democracies Bonus – Sometimes, the ‘document’ can be bigger than 500-page – and may even be entertaining.

China has one party rule, USA has two-party rule! Little to choose!

China has one party rule, USA has two-party rule! Little to choose! Click for larger image

Q: Is it true that Anglo-Saxon Democracies are more efficient than ‘banana’ republics?

St.PT Barnum ans. – Of course, it is true. Do you know of any ‘banana’ republic that has such a large bureaucracy with: –

  1. Legislatures – that create reasons why you must disappear. Reasons, also known as laws, statutes, ordinance, charters, licenses et al.
  2. Courts – that will find the exact reason(s), that will fit your ‘case’, to make you disappear. Respect for the individual and all that, you see.
  3. Police – who ‘objectively’ select people, choose ‘suspects’ for disappearances.
  4. Lawyers – who will argue about reasons why you must (not) disappear.
  5. Prisons – a convenient place where ‘you’ can disappear and a new sub-human is born.

Q: Is it true that there is much more freedom in Anglo-Saxon Democracies than in ‘banana’ republics?

St.PT Barnum ans. – Trick question. Both true and false.

True. There is complete freedom in Anglo-Saxon Democracies to make the system more ‘efficient’.

Population planning annihilated entire populations in Austraia, North America, and partly in Africa!

Population planning annihilated entire populations in Austraia, North America, and partly in Africa! Click for larger image

Increase concentration of wealth, ensure that people are kept busy in ‘pursuit of happiness’ and ensure that enough people disappear in full public view.

These ‘open’ disappearances in full ‘public’ view creates greater fear than ‘secret’ disappearances that happen in ‘banana’ republics.

False also. Anglo-Saxon Democracies have installed

  1. Millions of cameras
  2. Thousands of phone and internet tapping servers
  3. Hundreds of satellites in space to keep a watch, to ‘observe’ all those who have as yet not disappeared.
  4. Many companies which track your every move. Where, when, what, which, how, who you
  • Logged into your computer
  • Sold, bought anything
  • Read, wrote, said anything to anybody

Don’t for a moment think that the Anglo-Saxon Democracies will ‘ever’ give you respite.

India on the way to police state

September 9, 2010 16 comments

Freedom, imprisonment, racism, development, genocide

What is the difference between a ‘banana republic’ and the Anglo-Saxon democracies? None. People disappear. Anyway.

US of A, for instance, has the world’s largest prison population! Maybe, my being from a backward country, stops me from understanding this great ‘progress’ that these countries seemed to have made!

Extra Police and excess laws create criminial behaviour. (Cartoon by Nick Anderson. Courtesy - The Cartoonist Group.). Click for larger image.

Extra Police and excess laws create criminial behaviour. (Cartoon by Nick Anderson. Courtesy - The Cartoonist Group.). Click for larger image.

Some 30,000 people are now employed exclusively to listen in on phone conversations and other communications in the United States. And yet no one in Army intelligence noticed that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had been making a series of strange threats at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he trained. The father of the Nigerian “Christmas bomber” reported his son’s radicalism to the U.S. Embassy. But that message never made its way to the right people in this vast security apparatus. The plot was foiled only by the bomber’s own incompetence and some alert passengers. (via Zakaria: Why America Overreacted to 9/11 – Newsweek).

The sight of the West, strutting as a protector of freedom on the global stage is a hoax. How can the West have a problem with Native American tribes (aka ‘Red Indians’) and the Aborigines – if there are none left. The West which has the highest levels of prison populations in the world – raucously reminds the world of lessons in freedom.

A benign abuse of police powers! (Cartonist - Patrick Chappatte, from - NZZ am Sonntag; Courtesy- Click or larger image.

A benign abuse of police powers! (Cartonist - Patrick Chappatte, from - NZZ am Sonntag; Courtesy- Click or larger image.

India needs to end this charade

In the last 250 years, just 5 countries succeeded with Republican democracy without a significant breakdown in their first 50 years.

Of the five, Switzerland (pop. 80 lakhs), Israel (pop. 75 lakhs) and Singapore (pop. 50 lakhs) are tiny countries to generate any valuable data, models, norms or precedents.That leaves the world with just USA and India.

In any other day, age and society, the Republican-Democracy model would have been laughed off – and not studied by millions.

Indians needs is start working on a exit route of this quagmire of Desert Bloc polity.

Way out of this to Bharat-tantra.

Wall Street Journal invokes Ayn Rand to ‘Whitewash’ History

September 8, 2010 8 comments
The art for a 1999 postage stamp. Image courtesy - Getty Images via

The art for a 1999 postage stamp. Image courtesy - Getty Images via

Ultimately, “Atlas Shrugged” is a celebration of the entrepreneur, the risk taker and the cultivator of wealth through human intellect. Critics dismissed the novel as simple-minded, and even some of Rand’s political admirers complained that she lacked compassion. Yet one pertinent warning resounds throughout the book: When profits and wealth and creativity are denigrated in society, they start to disappear — leaving everyone the poorer. (via ‘Atlas Shrugged’: From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years –

Adversity does strange things

The second half of 20th century saw the end to dominant inputs for Western ‘success’.The Western world, faced a serious economic crises with the decline in: –

  1. Slavery in the Western world, due to many slave revolts, social disaffection due to unemployment
  2. Colonial exploitation was an ‘adequate’ replacement for slavery
  3. Genocide in the Americas, and Australia – and near annihilation in Africa.
  4. The wages of crime. Opium (forced production in India, forced trade with China), piracy, slave trading

Bretton Woods agreement helped the Western world to partly re-engineer their economies. The re-working of the global political system became essential, after non-colonial nations with lower access to slavery, led by Germany, challenged the dominant colonial-slavery economies of Europe (Britain, and France). These conflicts quickly spread and became WWI and WWII.

Hiding behind Ayn Rand's skirts seems like such a bad idea!

Hiding behind Ayn Rand's skirts seems like such a bad idea!

By the end of WWII, the world was left standing with US as the major economic force in the world. Faced with this existential crises, the last thing that the West needed was a dose of truth.

Pulp fiction of capitalism

This ‘White-Wash’ job was taken up by professional Western propagandists. One such was a popular writer, waxing nostalgic for this ‘golden age’ – Ayn Rand.

Her books have become popular in the last 50 years. In India too, her popularity has created a demand for pirated prints of her books that are sold from pavements. Her glossing over slavery, her token objections to segregation were reminiscent of an age gone by. The economic contribution of slavery to the wealth of the West, the creation of patronage structures for ‘innovation and invention’ and the loot from the colonies were all absent from Ayn Rand’s hagiography on capitalism.

There was no mention whatsoever of the numerous genocides by the West in various continents of the world. He disregard for family structures was her contribution to ‘modernizing’ capitalism.

Can Ayn Rand be the 'guiding light' at Cato Institute!

Can Ayn Rand be the 'guiding light' at Cato Institute!

Stephen Moore’s vacuous memoirs of his time with the Cato Institute, ‘virginity’ and ‘initiation’ seems like a rather clueless intellectual response by the West.

To clutch Ayn Rand’s skirts, is pretty lame. Facing up to the biggest challenge the Western world has seen – I would say, in the last 500 years.

None of this new

Every word of what I have written is known. So it should not be a surprise to any one. But to see the Wall Street Journal, a ‘respected’ pillar of the Western economy, reduced to publishing such writing by Shri Stephen Moore, a senior writer, seems like a rather big come down.

For the West!

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